The New US Revolution -- But When?
By Kevin Roeten on (Apr 18, 07)

It seems obvious looking at latest election results. Bush II vs. Kerry—almost a dead heat. Bush II vs. Gore—a dead heat. Clinton vs Dole—no voter majority. Clinton vs. Bush I—no voter majority. It seems the UNITED States is truly two separate voting blocks, and has two separate sets of morals and goals. Fairly soon, one side of voters is not going to like what the other side wants, and will decide that voting is not going to be enough. But what is the next step?

It seems apparent that each of the latest elections has gotten more heated. Candidates have gotten more political. Allegedly, more money has to be raised to propel a candidate to the presidency. The signs should be obvious to many. The issues are numerous, but interestingly the divide seems to closely adhere to ‘party’ lines. There are other parties other than Democrats and Republicans, and for those many tend to cross party lines on various issues. But their followers are few, and not as numerous as the two majors.

The major dividing issues seem to be abortion, the war against terrorism, health care, global warming, taxes, race, the deficit, and homosexual marriage. And in most issues, you are either right or you are wrong. And the penalty for being wrong is worse than you can imagine. But many seem to believe that admitting that they might be wrong is even worse than ‘worse than you can imagine’.

The issues seem very straightforward. If you believe that abortion is wrong and refuse to abort even though it may not be wrong, few bad things will result. But if you believe abortion’s ‘OK’, but it really is taking a ‘life’, you can forget about a good afterlife. The interesting item is that the same will be true if you vote for a candidate who is for keeping abortion legal.

In the war on terrorism, if every American pulls out of Iraq, then less Americans are killed initially. But terrorists will know that terrorism is a sure means to their end. How long will it take to have another terrorist strike on American soil? What about another one worse than 9/11? There was no “War on Terrorism” that instigated 9/11, but it’s easy to forget that now. Who would think that terrorists would quit because we pulled out of Iraq?

One would think ‘federal health care’ is the best of both worlds. But there grows the federal deficit again. A very unfriendly government bureaucracy that does things their way, another federal giveaway, and we get to pay the costs no matter what.

Global warming has to be the biggest hoax of the century. It is known the earth has temperature cycles every 1500 years, and that all warming comes directly from our sun. It is known that sunspots directly affect the atmosphere, and that the sun is the hottest it’s been for the last 1000 years. Compound that with the information that our Sun is a variable star, and that CO2 is a constant commodity. But many only want to believe what they’re recently told. 

It is a known fact that taxes(Laffer Curve and all tax decreases) if decreased all the way to 15% will result in more government revenue. But some feel the need to be taxed for pet peeve issues. The deficit has been reduced every year on record after 9/11, and will eventually produce a surplus. Even so, spending is way out of hand. If certain ‘government’ agencies would have been denied, it’s likely that a surplus would have resulted last year.

Why would one ‘race’ stick with a party that has given them nothing, but promised everything? The ‘other’ party had a larger percentage voting for civil rights back years ago, it has more promise for entrepreneurs, and its administration has different races and genders directly involved with the running of the country. Are we missing something? 

Homosexual marriage seems to be a major political issue today, but it wasn’t 20 years ago. Many are obsessed with individual pleasure, and not worried about continuation of the species. Not only that, but no ‘gay’ gene has ever been found. Maybe we’re missing more than we think. 

All those key issues will usually dictate whether you will vote Democrat or Republican. The real questions are: 1) Will the incorrect party ever admit being incorrect?  2) With both parties so diametrically opposed, what will be the next move when their party loses? 3) Will one of the parties decide that the Constitution no longer holds their most precious values and their best route to satisfaction? 4) Will a revolution actually be realized because the viewpoints are separating, and not converging? 5) Will the US stay unified, or will they revert to a fourth-world state?  6) Who will come out the victor? 7) Will that revolution stay bloodless?

From our present course, the ending looks mired indeed--especially when many of the issues are so cut-and-dry, and right or wrong. Stay tuned. You won’t want to miss this ending.

By Kevin Roeten on Apr 18, 07
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