A Military Draft is Inevitable
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Apr 17, 07)

Last week, the U.S. Army announced that its Soldiers’ tour of duty in Iraq would be extended by an additional three months.  Now, Combat Veterans have to serve fifteen months of duty in Iraq.

An additional three months means that a Soldier comes this much closer to being killed, or losing a limb, or perhaps more than just a limb. Added time in the Iraqi theatre exacerbates a Soldier’s Posttramatic Stress Disorder.  PTSD is a crippling and debilitating psychological malady. I have explained PTSD to my patients in this manner. They experience an incident that is surreal.  In other words, what they have experienced is so traumatic that it defies what they have been taught about the world: and how we interact with one another.

The person who has experienced such a traumatic episode does not have time enough to take their “Affect” and place it to the side. Affect in psychology deals with our emotions. Police officers are able to go to the scene of a gruesome murder, and look at the body because they have been given sufficient time to divorce themselves from that “Soft, Gentle Side, That Many Of Us Possess.” Consider this, if that same officer rushing to the scene of the same murder had not been “given a heads up” on what to expect, chances are he/she would suffer a PTSD episode. This is not to say that the officer could not suffer from this disorder later on. Many police officers and firefighters suffer from this disorder, because they have to witness a traumatic phenomenon without any advanced notice.

Persons suffering from PTSD are also suffering from a Major Depressive Disorder, Single Episode(or recurrent episode).  So, the Soldier is hit with two major psychopathologies. The Soldier will re-live his trauma over and over, in the form of flashbacks.  He will also suffer from nightmares; and day-mares. There are bouts of crying, and anger. The clinician treating a PTSD victim should be assessing for suicidal and homicidal ideation. Lastly, a comprehensive substance abuse evaluation should be conducted by a licensed substance abuse therapist. Not all psychologists/psychiatrists have the skill to assess someone in the throes of a substance abuse problem.

Defense Secretary, Robert Gates needs to understand that we are not dealing with robots, we are dealing with human beings; people who have feelings. There is only so much that an individual, no matter how strong they are, can withstand.

The President has stretched our military as far as it can go.  Active duty troops are exhausted, as are members of Reserve forces, and the National Guard. So, what can Mr. Bush do. First, he has to “grow a spine” and do what is necessary. He must go before the American people and say, “I Have No Choice, But To Ask Congress To Reinstitute The Draft.”

The wackos on the left will howl! Socialists democrats will stamp their feet and “hold their breath” like children. But, the President has to stand strong. If he does, he will withstand whatever these socialists throw at him. I am confident that the American people will support the President. But, he will have to give the “Speech Of His Life.” He must not equivocate. He must be clear in his message.

The socialists will get us all killed, if we follow their blue print for fighting the IslamoFascists. Arrogant people like Nancy Pelosi want to sit down and talk to the enemy. They tell this idiot what she wants to hear, and then they, the thugs and killers, go back to doing what they have been doing for years, killing innocent people.

There is no way of not getting around bringing the draft back. Our present forces are spent physically, and mentally. We should all salute them for their great service to the greatest country on earth, “The United States Of America.”

However, now others must step up. Remember, “Freedom Isn’t Free.” Contrary to what socialists democrats will tell you, “We Are In A War With IslamoFascists.” Leaving Iraq, the way that these cowards want our men and women to do, is not the answer. We have the enemy on the battlefield. It is time to go in and crush these 12th century savages, once and for all.

In order to do this, we need reinforcements. This is where a draft comes in at. Americans need to know that “The Free Ride Is Over.” If they wish to go on living in the land of the free, then they will have to answer the call.

The reason why we are free today is because other brave Americans answered the call.  They answered the call in World War I; World War II; Korea; Vietnam; Desert Storm; and Iraq.

I am sorry to say that there are women in this country who have more courage than alot of so-called men. Never in my lifetime did I think I would utter those words. But, it is true. We have a generation of men who have allowed feminists to browbeat them into submission. Instead of acting like men, something they have been taught to feel ashamed of, they act more like a cross between a man and a woman.

Uncle Sam can change that effeminate behavior, real fast ! To the American male: It is time to grow up, and reclaim your testes from the locked boxes of the “Feminazis.”

Your country needs you. “You Will Answer The Call.” Make no mistake about that.

Mr. Bush, you are between a rock and a hard place at the moment. You know that you have little choice but to call for the reinstitution of the military draft.

Otherwise, be prepared to face an onslaught of desertions, the likes this country has never seen.

Dr. Forest Lewis is a trained clinical pyschologist. He is the author of Diary of a Black Man Who Escaped From the Democratic Political Plantation

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Apr 17, 07
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