Good For The Country: Another Victim Disarmament Zone Shooting, 32 Dead
By John Longenecker on (Apr 17, 07)

Thank You, Congress. Thanks a Lot!

This visitation of death against Virginia Tech University this week is a direct result of gun laws banning weapons within 1,000 feet of a school—the victim disarmament zone is as advertised once more. Sure the shooter is to blame, but Congress ahers the blame not only for shootings, but for any instance of disarming citizens who could have resisted with all legal authority and use of force. Why obfuscate or discourage this legal authority?

We’ll never keep weapons – knifes, bare hands, brute force and guns – out of the hands of the criminal, but we sure can disarm the honest. This is the concept, and to announce same.

Anti-independence officials think that somehow trying something that doesn’t work simply needs more work, or at least that’s the claim. Victim disarmament zones is one of the better examples of this stubbornness. But when does it become outright interference with the family where the obvious solution is ignored and the go-nowhere solution is repeated. The purpose is a widespread and ever-increasing move from personal independence to dependency on agencies. And people die in this kind of stubbornness.

Personal weapons are a right secured by law, (and for such good reason) but are viewed as anti-social in spite of such guarantees, and are banned more and more from the hands of loving parents and able citizens who are not criminals, and who could have been on scene to protect their family members or another’s child.

Now let me address Congress with this edition of Good For The Country, please.

In banning weapons from parents carrying on campus or workplace, you have sent two messages – in spite of the fact that a majority of states affirms right to carry as a reasonable and lawful use of force, Congress has done a very ugly and unpatirotic thing for communities nationwide.

In banning personal weapons in victim disarmament zones, Congress has said:

1. To citizens: “Don’t do anything until we get there.”

2. To shooters; “You have four minutes.”

This is not for peace or safety, but outrightly against the people of the United States. Being a former Los Angeles Paramedic, I can tell you that EMS teaches Citizen CPR and First-aid for one important reason: we cannot meet a life-saving response time of under three minutes.

Neither can law enforcement.

But the legal authority of the people can be on scene as it is in other venues where shooters dare not go because they are uncertain as to who is armed. Legally armed.

It’s time to repeal all gun laws as illegal in their inception because police cannot arrive with a life-saving response time, (and because they have no such duty to begin with since 1845)—because the armed citizen is the first line of defense, and because individuals have all legal authority to act in defense of another. Why make schools different? Airports? Civil aircraft? Shopping malls. Why advertise them as victim disarmament zones?

An armed citizen could have dropped this shooter before the number began to rise.

An armed citizen could have stopped him. Instead, you stopped the armed citizen.

32 more dead, Congress.

Repeal all gun laws and respect the sovereignty of the citizen over the illusion that a criminal will obey laws you write.

By John Longenecker on Apr 17, 07
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