Imus, Sharpton, Jackson and Hypocrisy
By Guest: Col. Bob Pappas on (Apr 16, 07)

One might feel, and rightfully so that we’ve heard enough about Imus to last a generation.  But don’t “turn that dial” yet, because the stench that goes with this one is enough to gag a maggot.

The Imus caper has nothing to do with freedom of speech, his employers let him go because they had the right to let him go, and despite their utter hypocrisy in the process,
they were right. It’s the hypocritical Afro-Racism in this episode that stinks as high as a pile of manure in a California feed lot.

A friend of mine, in fact close enough for me to be best man at his wedding a few years ago, has repeatedly informed me that Sharpton and Jackson do not speak for him nor for most African-Americans.  So, why does the media turn to those two camera hounds for sound bites?  Because, to put it succinctly, the media “empowers them to be Black/Afro-Americans’ spokesmen” for the political left’s reasons and purposes.  Those two could care less about the
status of blacks, minorities, the poor, or downtrodden.  What they care about is the sound of the cash register, “cha-ching,” as the media focuses on them and plays up what they have to say because the media and they have a symbiotic, “cha-ching,” agenda.

After trashing the Duke players on day two of that rotten saga, the Sharpton/Jackson duo had a jail cell all but readied for the players to occupy for the next twenty or so years.  They were both beating the racist drum so long and hard as to behave more like they reside in a jungle rather than as civilized, born again “men of the cloth” advocating patience, understanding and support for all concerned.  The two of them went barging in to the Duke episode as a self-appointed lynch mob, stirring racial animosity and hatred rather than using their ill-gotten influence to promote healing, mutual respect, love and understanding among the races.

The question that constantly comes into this writer’s thinking is, “When will the real African-American community stand up and shout at those two, ‘enough!’ and, stuff a sock in their mouths?” Or is the “real” African-American community as lackadaisical about doing something to ameliorate African-American racism directed at the rest of America, as the
Muslim-American community is doing about Islamic-terrorism directed toward anyone who does not embrace their beliefs?

This writer, for one, has had it with the hypocrisy and a double standard where it’s okay for blacks to malign themselves and non-black Americans without being held accountable; for their so called, “entertainers” to produce pure, unadulterated, vile, garbage for young people without as much as a whimper from those two so called, “leaders;” and, for African-Americans
generally to immediately hide behind their heritage as a repressed people whenever anyone points out their fallacious, trite and overused double standard.

Should Imus have been fired? In this writer’s opinion, yes!  But those two pathetic, self-serving, latter day “plantation owners” do all blacks, indeed all Americans a greater disservice and the time has come for them too, to be held accountable.

Semper Fidelis

Copyright © April 15, 2007 by Robert L. Pappas.

By Guest: Col. Bob Pappas on Apr 16, 07
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