Lying Duke Rape Accuser Deserves To Be Publicly Humiliated
By Dave Gibson on (Apr 13, 07)

The drunken stripper who lied and accused members of the Duke University Lacrosse Team of raping her is named Crystal Gail Mangum, she lives in Durham N.C. This woman of ill repute has not only brought great pain to the young men she falsely accused as well as to their families, but with her lies has also made it even more difficult for actual rape victims to come forward.

For the angst to those boys and their parents and the potential harm to innocent rape victims she has caused, she now richly deserves to have every embarrassing bit of her meaningless life aired. In my own humble way, I will attempt to do just that.

We will begin to examine the sordid life of Crystal Gail Mangum upon her graduation from Hillside High School in Durham, N.C. in 1996. Two months after graduation, she went to the police and claimed that she had been raped three years earlier and identified her attackers as her boyfriend and two of his friends. Last year CNN reported that the police interviewed Mangum and asked her “to write a chronological-order statement for investigative purposes.”

She originally told police that her three alleged attackers had held her against her will, raped her, and threatened her life. However, she failed to follow up with police after the initial interview and simply dropped the charges.

Late in 1996, Mangum joined the U.S. Navy, signing on for an eight year enlistment. She began active duty in 1997. Though committed for eight years, the Navy discharged her in 1998.

In 1997 at age 19, she met and married a 33 year old illiterate man named Kenneth Nathaniel McNeill. Under Navy orders, her and her new husband moved to California, where she was assigned to the USS Mount Hood. While aboard the Mount Hood, she began a sexual affair with another sailor. She became pregnant as a result of the affair and eventually had another child with the sailor.

The U.S. Navy has refused to disclose the reason for Mangum’s abrupt discharge, which usually means that a deal was reached over some impropriety (Perhaps even a criminal act.).

Because of the extra-marital affair, Mangum and Kenneth McNeill became separated. On June 16, 1998, she filed charges against McNeill in which she claimed that he had taken her into the woods and threatened to kill her. A hearing on the matter was held on June 23, Mangum failed to appear in court to prove the charges and the complaint was dismissed. 

After a string of low-wage jobs, Mangum decided to enter the glamorous world of stripping. She showed up one evening in 2002 at the Diamond Girls strip club in Durham. Club owner Larry Jones said that she was looking for a job and auditioned by giving lap dances to several men. Jones decided not to hire Mangum because she was “acting funny.”

One of the men to whom she entertained with a lap dance was a taxi driver. According to a Durham County Sheriff’s report: “As she was feeling him up and putting her hands in his pockets she removed the keys to his taxi cab, without him knowing. He [the cabbie] told her he would drive her home but needed to go to the restroom first. While in the restroom he was advised that she was driving off in his taxi cab.”

Durham County Deputies went looking for Mangum and when they tried to stop her, she sped away driving the wrong way on Highway U.S. 70. They quickly caught up with her in a wooded area, as deputies approached the vehicle she aimed the car at one of them and attempted to run him over. She was finally apprehended after hitting one of the sheriff’s cars. Mangum passed out while being questioned by deputies and was transported to Duke University Medical Center. Her blood alcohol level was .19 (more than twice the N.C. limit).

That incident resulted in Mangum’s conviction of the following charges:
-speeding to elude arrest
-assault on a government official
She received a sentence of three consecutive weekends in the Durham County Jail and two years probation.

Eventually, Mangum landed a job as a stripper at a club known as Platinum Pleasures. She was also working for an escort service called Bunny Hole Entertainment. After the Duke rape allegations, she told a reporter with The News and Observer that she went on dates with clients (johns) about three times a week.

While no DNA of any Duke Lacrosse player was found in Crystal Gail Mangum, the DNA of her boyfriend and habitual DUI offender Matthew Murchison was found. She also told police that she had engaged in sexual intercourse with two other men close to the time she erroneously reported the rape. The other two men were Jarriel Johnson of Raleigh, and Brian Taylor of Durham. They both worked as drivers for the escort service, taking her to parties and ‘dates.’

Mangum had the benefit of an unscrupulous district attorney in Mike Nifong, who took her lies and ran with them. Of course, Nifong was in the midst of a re-election campaign at the time she made her false allegations and her story was just what he needed to persuade black voters to return him to office. The case brought national attention to Nifong and stirred-up racial tensions. Race-baiters Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton both joined in the public persecution of the Duke students, even the thugs from the Black Panthers came to town looking for trouble.

Fortunately, as the truth has prevailed Mike Nifong is now under investigation and is likely to be disbarred for his role in the case. Also, the “Durham Dirtbag” as talk show host Michael Savage has so aptly named her has been discovered to be a fraud and will now have to seek another way to pay her bills, other than suing rich white kids.

Unfortunately, due to Mangum’s false allegations, innocent women will suffer, as sexual assaults continue to be the most under-reported crime. Victims already feel humiliated and are often hesitant to risk further character attacks from black-hearted criminal defense attorneys and usually never report the heinous crime. Mangum’s selfish actions will now make the very painful process of coming forward to prosecute attackers even more difficult.

Crystal Gail Mangum is nothing more than a low-life swine (My apologies to pigs everywhere!) and deserves all of the scorn an entire nation can deliver upon her. She does not deserve to have a moment’s peace!

By Dave Gibson on Apr 13, 07
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