How Gilmore Wins the Nomination
By James Atticus Bowden on (Apr 12, 07)

Jim Gilmore has six months, unless former Sen. and movie star Fred Thompson puts his hat in the ring earlier, to move from distant second tier candidate to the guy who surprised the re-stacked primaries and swept the Republican Presidential nomination.

Six months to become the guy who beat Hillary and/or Barack Hussein Obama to serve as the 44th President of the United States of America.  Gilmore needs the message that speaks so clearly, it sings.  The message to the right folks brings the money.  The money takes the message to the majority to win. 

His words must resonate like a drum to the chest of Americans ready for a champion and desperate for the truth.  It has to have the connecting power of “Common Sense”.  It has to be the moral equivalent of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” If he takes this tired phrase and breaths life into it – namely, speaking truth to power – as a man of The People, then the hard Conservatives will be his People and put up the cash to win.  But, only if they believe. 

With the right message, Conservatives will believe Gilmore can make a difference that distinguishes himself from other Conservatives.  Why Gilmore not Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, David Huckabee and Newt Gingrich?  The difference must be Gilmore’s message. 

The message is a soaring vision grounded in immutable, historical truths tied to practical solutions to the trying times.  It’s the generational transformation for the Baby Boomer generation to pass on the best of their parent’s generation, (a great but not the Greatest Generation for their Depression, WW II and Cold War (WW III) fame), to the rising generation of Americans to fulfill a destiny.  The next generation must win a Long, Long War - a WW IV, as Defenders of the West, the Preservers of Civilization, the Keepers of the American Republic and the Crusaders of the Faith, or America is lost.

Now, truthfully, I know that Jim Gilmore as a national politician would blanche at the word ‘Crusader’.  Gilmore, shares with President Bush the soft suburban Methodist theology. 

But, I think I have a hint at the words for the message that matters.  Like, “America has a destiny.  It’s a Munificent Destiny that begins with building more wealth for more folks in America.  American capitalism can create capital for the world to invest and prosper – as they are willing and able.”

More wealth means more personal opportunities.  Personal freedom comes with personal responsibilities to preserve a Republic and the Rule of Law at home.  Contain Islam and the Islamists and engage the world to promote Security and Stability for the rest of the century.  And, in his inner, hardscrabble Scot-Irish core, I suspect that Gilmore gets it too.  If he just talks about “America, pro-America and hopeful America” without apologizing, groveling, hyphens, or PC speech, Gilmore will communicate.

If Jim Gilmore connects to the passionate Conservatives, the Republican wing of the Republican Party, he speaks to 30 million Americans.  That’s just 10% of the population.  But, if 10% of that 10% (3 million hard Conservatives) believe in Jim Gilmore enough to buy him a pizza every month – then his message scores the money. 

Yes, buy Gilmore a pizza.  A pizza for the guy, or, actually skip a pizza monthly and send $10 to his website = $30 million.  A month.  For the rest of the year.  3 million people left clicking $10 @ month for Gilmore means $30 million a month for message to the rest of the Nation.  It’ll work.

Reagan got elected with a mailing list of 250,000 true believers in 1980.  3 million Conservatives is the tip of the iceberg in 2007.  Gilmore needs to the micro-analysis of the electorate better than Jimmy Carter in 1976.  Also, Gilmore must draw the lines between him and all the other wannabe Conservatives, including Sen. Thompson, with broad, positive, passionate colors.  Compare and contrast positions on the issues.  Send the message.

Share the vision that this is the defining moment for the Baby Boomer generation to set the solutions for WW IV, Social Security, and Illegal Immigration.  Tell everyone it’s time to restore the Rule of Law over the rule of judges, refresh Federalism and stop socialism.  Tell Americans how to do it.  Reassure the good people that the cultural cleansing of Christianity is going to stop – Constitutionally, correctly and civilly.

First, Jim Gilmore needs to face the pro-choice press about his personal beliefs, political loyalties and judicial commitments.  Put it on U-Tube with other clear statements.  Do South Park-like spoofs.  Make very funny commercials about Conservatives of convenience, coincidence and casual indifference of Conservative principles.  Tell the truth about Liberals even though the MSM goes nuts.  With a smile.  With a courageous smile. 

I’d give Gilmore a pizza a month.  Gilmore’s the guy.

By James Atticus Bowden on Apr 12, 07
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