Can You Believe?
By John LeBoutillier on (Apr 11, 07)

Can you believe that the CBS News with Katie Couric chose to lead off last night’s newscast with the Imus Controversy? We are in the middle of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq—and she chooses to lead off with Imus’ suspension?

Can you believe how John McCain has gotten away for 20 years with lie after lie after lie - and the so-called Mainstream Media (MSM) has always protected him, apologized for him and covered for him? Now, after his disastrous trip to the market in Baghdad - and as he tries to weasel out of yet another typical McCain screw-up - his media pals aren’t cutting him quite as much slack. He is toast - and they know it. He is a horrid little man who has abused people left and right - and it is high time he suffers for his dreadful, condescending, arrogant, chip-on-the-shoulder behavior. And the MSM ought to pay, too, for having coddled and covered for him; they enabled this nasty little jerk to rise way above where he ought to be. Now it is all coming home to roost for him - and it is good to see him suffer repeated humiliation because he has treated so many people so badly.

Can you believe the ‘cred’ given to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Why is it these two always get national news media coverage when they are unhappy over something? Why does the MSM pay so much attention to them?

Can you believe how wimpy those English Marines and sailors were? And how the Iranians always get away with taking hostages? They did it to us in 1979 - and were never punished for it.

Can you believe how Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has gotten away with his role in that 1979 seizure of our Tehran Embassy? Many of those 53 hostages are certain he was one of the ring-leaders of that movement - the so-called ‘students’ - and they claim to have seen him in the embassy urging torture of the Americans. Yet the Bush Administration didn’t want to ‘rock the boat’ by re-visiting that ugliness. Hell, he is a War Criminal for his role in 1979 - he claims, by the way, that he wasn’t involved and instead was urging the seizure in 1979 of the Soviet embassy in Tehran.

Can you believe how Mitt Romney could ruin his good ‘fund-raising’ headlines last week with yet another trying-too-hard-to-prove-he’s-really-a-true-conservative pander when he claimed he was a “life-long hunter” and then - ala John Kerry - had to admit he had only been hunting twice in his life? This guy is a laugh-a-minute! He is on every side of every issue! Gays, abortion, guns, voting for a Democrat in 1992 for is truly breath-taking to see a bright, successful, rich man who is so desperate to win the GOP nomination that he ends up looking like a total fool.

Can you believe that the GOP’s leading presidential candidates - McCain, Rudy, Romney - have all been pro-amnesty for illegals? All have been against the fence in the past - until now when they suddenly realize that the voters really care about this issue! Well, no wonder 60% of GOP voters are not too happy with the present field and want another option.

Can you believe the rush to get Fred Thompson into the race? How many of those doing the ‘rushing’ actually know that Fred was pro-McCain in 2000, was and is a big fan of McCain-Feingold campaign ‘finance-reform,’ and is not really a devoted conservative? In fact, he is a Howard Baker moderate. Yet - desperate to find a new candidate - they are falling all over themselves to ‘draft’ Fred. Careful what you wish for...

Can you believe how ill-prepared Rudy Giuliani is to be a major national candidate? Allowing himself to be seen as defending public financing for abortions can only hurt him inside the GOP. He says he is against abortion but the law allows it. OK, fine. Why not add one more sentence: “if elected, I will fight to change the law.” The fact that he doesn’t say this shows he is happy with the status quo - and that has to hurt him down the road.

And, while discussing Rudy, can you believe he only now reveals that his wife also had a third marriage - yet they refuse to say how they met? Why the mystery? What are they hiding? Why all the odd and sleazy things in Rudy’s background?

Can you believe that CNN, MSNBC and Fox News Channel are all carrying - live - the press conference of the Rutgers women’s basketball team as part of this Imus story? Is this really national news? What about the pain of the families of our dead and wounded soldiers? Do they get press conferences to talk about how ‘hurt’ they are?

Can you believe this emailed news bulletin just received here: Breaking News from RUTGERS PLAYERS ARE ‘ANGERED’ AND ‘INSULTED’ BY DON IMUS’ COMMENTS BUT AGREE TO MEET WITH THE RADIO HOST.

Maybe it is all a distraction form the disaster that is Iraq - and the general feeling that the country is on the wrong track.

And indeed we are on the wrong track - as proven by much of the items listed above.

By John LeBoutillier on Apr 11, 07
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