Threats Only the Left Sees
By Doug Hagin on (Apr 11, 07)

We Conservatives often accuse Liberals of not having the guts or the willingness to fight. We often shake or heads in befuddlement over their perceived inability to stand up to battle against threats to our way of life.

It is well beyond the ability of Conservatives to grasp how, for instance President Bill Clinton let chance after chance to get Osama bin Laden slip through his hands. Liberals, on the other hand, defend Clinton’s inaction. They fail to see, as apparently President Clinton failed to see, the grave peril from terrorists.

It is not, however, a lack of willingness to fight that prevents Liberals from grasping the extreme danger we, as Americans face from terrorists. Make no mistake; Liberals are willing to fight things they perceive as dangerous. The difference between Conservatives and Liberals is not guts. It is not a case of Liberals not possessing the ability to be outraged over threats to America’s liberties either. It is just that the threats we, as Conservatives see, are vastly different from the threats Liberals see. The difference is which battles the two sides feel are needed.

A few examples for your perusal my friends. Liberals are constantly making it clear they feel the United States should leave Iraq. They cannot grasp the importance of not retreating from that country before it can stand by itself. Liberals are simply not willing to fight terrorists in Iraq. They refuse to see that our leaving Iraq would not only doom Iraq to wholesale slaughter, but embolden our enemies as well. They also refuse to see that our retreat would make our enemies even more willing to attack us all over the world. The fight is not worth it to Liberals.

Now if there is a prayer before a high school football game, THEN watch the Liberals prepare to fight. They may not see a threat from suicide bombers, but that prayer, now that is threatening to Liberals. I should note here, for the sake of clarity, that only a Christian prayer at a high school football game would distress Liberals. A Muslim prayer, even if it called for all those listening to convert to Islam, as did a recent prayer in Austin, Texas by an Imam who admires Ayatollah Khomeini’s brand of radical Islam, would not trouble the left in the least. Heck, they would want to join hands and sing the praises of multi-cultureless over that prayer.

The left also sees no perceivable threat from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi trying to appoint herself Secretary of State while visiting America’s enemies in Iran and Syria recently. Now if a Conservative congressional representative took Syria and Iran to task for openly backing Hezbollah and aiding the Iraqi insurgents trying to kill our troops, then the Liberals would be ready to brawl. They would howl like werewolves under a full moon over the “cowboy” attitude of America. They would rant that we were provoking war with Iran and Syria. They would accuse America of imperialistic desires and so on.

Now do not assume that it is only the war on terror where Liberals see different threats than Conservatives do. The flood of illegal immigrants is a threat to American sovereignty and independence to Conservatives. To Liberals the threat is not from illegals, it is from people who want the United States to enforce its border laws. Border enforcement is a code word to Liberals. A code word for racism, insensitivity, violence, and, of course Nazism. If law-abiding Americans are demanding that laws be enforced, then that is threatening in the minds of Liberals.

Conservatives look at violent crime, and see a direct threat to every citizen. Liberals, on the other hand, look at violent crimes and see a need to excuse the bad behavior or blame it on society, or corporal punishment, or poverty. The only threat the left sees is when states begin to allow its law-abiding citizens to carry concealed handguns. Then, watch them fight to prevent Americans from owning, or carrying guns to defend themselves with, armed Americans are threatening to Liberals.

Mention tax cuts to a Liberal and see how quickly they are ready to fight. Conservatives look at tax cuts as government restraining itself from raiding our wallets. Liberals look at tax cuts as a threat to entitlement programs and the big government they long for. Conservatives look at higher taxes as a threat individualism and economic hope for more Americans. Liberals look at higher taxes as a blessing for all.

Boiled down to simplest terms, Conservatives see more individualism and economic freedom as good things because they lessen the role of government in our lives. Liberals see these same things as threats to the America they desire. An America where collectivism, rather than individualism, is the standard.

Of course, words are perhaps the thing the left sees as a threat to America’s existence. Don’t believe me? Consider the current apocalypse over the words of talk host Don Imus. Yes, he said something hurtful, yes, he was wrong. However, really what grave threats do words like his cause anyone? The answer is none, nada, zip, zero, and zilch! No one is going to suffer anything more serious than a bruised ego over his stupid words. Yet Liberals, and sadly a few Conservative whiners, talk-show host Mike Gallagher for example, are acting as if Imus set off a nuclear bomb! For Pete’s sake get over it already!

Yes, my friends Liberals see threats to America. They see my good friend Edward Daley, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, the Conservative bloggers, the NRA, me, and every other “right-winger” as grave threats to their version of freedom. Too bad, they cannot gather up the common sense to see Jihadists and the leaders of Syria and Iran as the threats they are. I suppose real threats are just too much for the feelings of our Liberal friends.

By Doug Hagin on Apr 11, 07
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