Reverend Al is Squeezing the Gonads of Don Imus
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Apr 10, 07)

Well, the Reverend Al Sharpton has found new life.  It comes in the form of a gaffe by radio shock jock, Don Imus.

Imus known for having an acerbic tongue, has now had to pay for his comments. MSNBC and CBS have announced that the “Don Imus Show” will be suspended for two weeks, starting April 16th. The suspensions are the result of Imus calling members of the Rutgers basketball team, “Nappy-Headed Hoes.” There are eight black women on the Rutgers team. The day after they had lost in the NCAA women’s championship game, Imus in an exchange with his producer, Bernard McGuirk observed”

“That’s some rough girls from Rutgers.  Man, they got tattos; some hardcore hoes(McGuirk speaking). That’s some nappy-headed hoes there, I’ll tell you that”

Imus quickly realized what he considered to be a blunder. He apologized on his show last Friday. However,the damage had been done. The sharks noticed blood; and starting encircling the body of Don Imus. Al Shapton and Jesse Jackson, both professional interlopers, saw an opportunity to revive their dying careers. Jackson lead about 50 demonstrators outside the Chicago offices of NBC on Monday.  The group carried signs that read, “Imus must go.” Jackson said Imus’ comments add to “a climate of degradation, and stem from a lack of blacks as program hosts.”

After much thought, it became clear to me as to why Sharpton and Jackson are going after Imus. This man is not just a satirist, he is also into politics.  Each day, he will interview the likes of Senator John Kohn-Kerry, Senator Chris Dodd, former Congressman, Harold Ford, Jr., James Carville, Bill Maher, Jonathan Alters, and Jeff Greenfield. These people are all socialist democrats.

Don Imus is an “Ultra Liberal.” Forget the silly cowboy hat, and his concomitant cowboy boots and pistol that he wears. The man is an uptown Manhattan “Liberal.” His problem with Jackson and company is that he won’t put people like Hillary Rodham-Clinton on his show. And you know how vindictive the left can be.  They will “Eat Their Own.” So, when Imus opened his mouth and called the Rutgers basketball players, “nappy-headed hoes,” that was all of the ammunition that his enemies needed. Hence, this fake “firestorm.”

In the meantime, Imus appeared on the Reverend Al’s radio show on Monday. There were a series of heated exchanges between the pair.  Imus reportedly became visibly frustrated at one point, and said, “I can’t win with you people.” That “you people remark” didn’t go over well with Sharpton.  He cautioned Imus by saying, “If you walk away from this unscathed.” Imus quickly quipped, “How am I unscathed by this. Don’t you think I’m humiliated?” Sharpton according to reports, had few words for Imus during commercial breaks.

Imus said on his show on Monday that he was a good person who made a bad mistake. He added:

“Here’s what I’ve learned that you can’t make fun of everybody, because some people don’t deserve it. And because the climate on this program has been what it’s been for 30 years doesn’t mean that it has to be that way for the next five years or whatever because that has to change. And I understand that”

Imus said that he would like to meet with the Rutgers players, along with their parents and coaches. He said that he was grateful for being allowed to appear on the Reverend Al’s nationally syndicated show. Hey Don. I never knew Sharpton had a show. Your appearance probably sent his ratings through the roof. He should have thanked you for showing up. Imagine having to listen to that idiot every day. That is one of the reasons I am no longer in radio.

Meanwhile, I have been a fan of Don Imus ever since he came to New York City. I mean, the guy was a breath of fresh air in a stale radio market. I was not offended by his humor.  In fact, the man was much funnier 30 years ago then he is today. His comments about “everyone” were even more biting three decades ago.

The problem with us as Americans is that we can no longer laugh at ourselves. We are way too uptight. So, Don Imus called some big Amazons, “Hoes, With Nappy Hair.” Who gives a @!@#$%&*+@#. Remember what Sharpton said about Jews? And let’s not forget the “Reverend Jackson” who called New York City, “Hymie Town.” Yet, here are these two so-called “Reverends” demanding that Don Imus’ head be brough into them on a platter. These two obvious hypocrites have no shame. I wonder when was the last time these “two reverends opened their King James bible?”

Less you forget, “I am an African-American.” This high-tech lynching of Don Imus must stop. For God’s sakes, we have blacks running around calling each other “Niggers.” And when a white man calls a group of black women, “nappy-headed hoes,” everyone gets their panties in a bunch. Please!

These liberals who are the biggest racists in America, and I’m talking about the suits at MSNBC and CBS have the nerve to condemn Don Imus. Take a look at your television folks, count the number of black faces that you see on the air at MSNBC; while you are at it, count the number of African-Americans on camera at CBS. Yet, these closet bigots have joined the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in assailing Don Imus. As Don would say, “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up.”

Message to Don Imus: Get up off of your knees, and stop groveling. You did nothing wrong. If the hypocrites at MSNBC and CBS want to “fire you” as suggested by both Sharpton and Jackson, pack it in. You are a rich man. You certainly don’t need this crap.

Go to your ranch in New Mexico, where you have done outstanding work with cancer kids over the years. Continue to invite little black kids who have cancer to your ranch; and be the Don Imus many of us have come to love, tell your critics to take “Go Take A Flying Leap.”

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Apr 10, 07
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