Director of "A Christmas Story" Snuffed by Drunken Illegal Alien
By John Lillpop on (Apr 08, 07)

In his non-stop and mindless promotion of illegal aliens as good hearted, hard working folks, President Bush constantly argues that those coming here illegally from Mexico should be welcomed en masse because they hold values common to the American people.

I wonder if our president is aware of the latest horror story involving an illegal alien, too much alcohol, and the slaughter of innocent Americans?

Bob Clark directed one of the warmest and most enjoyed Christmas films in American history.

A Christmas Story became standard holiday fare along with Scrooge, It’s a Wonderful Life, and all of the other great American traditions that make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year.

Unfortunately for Clark and his 22-year-old son, Ariel Hanrath-Clark, their lives were snuffed out by a drunken driver on the Pacific Coast Highway in California on April 4.

Hector Velazquez-Nava, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, and will be booked for manslaughter once he is released from the hospital.

And, yes, Velazquez-Nava is an illegal alien.

He is a low-life, third-world scumbag who should not even be in America, must less driving drunk and killing American legends.

When will people like President Bush open their eyes to the truth about illegal aliens?

The simple truth is that illegal aliens are not all good hearted, hard working folks who just come here to work. Many are violent criminals who should be rounded up and booted out of America before they commit more crime.

Moreover, illegal aliens do not share American values.

By definition, all illegal aliens are criminals, but most Americans are not.

Another example: Driving while drunk is considered “cool” and “macho” in Mexican culture, but is seen as stupid and recklessly criminal in American culture.

Face the truth Mr. President: Those who invade our nation are different from the vast majority of Americans. Invaders do not share American values.

Our borders should be militarized to keep invaders out, and those already here should be rounded up and forcibly removed as soon as possible!

John Lillpop is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By John Lillpop on Apr 08, 07
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