Letter to Algore (satire)
By Dave Hoffman on (Apr 07, 07)

Hey Al, Dave could use some of your “global warming”…

Hi Al,

I don’t want to bug you or anything, but I have a problem. My furnace is going into a lockout every three hours or so. It cuts off and remains off for a while before it resets and comes back on. Now, we’re not suffering, we have a gas log fireplace and we’re quite cozy, but when you consider that we shouldn’t be using it at all, I think it’s really an annoying problem. You see, we’re getting snow flurries in the Metroplex area, and it’s rather chilly outside.

Anyway, what I’m writing you for is to ask if you could please send us some global warming, until the furnace gets fixed? I know you must have a surplus, you’re always talking about it. Just send some to the Metroplex area in Texas, if you would. I’m sure that the global warming caused by burning fossil fuels would be sufficient.

Oh, just for curiousity’s sake. Thinking of fossil fuels and global warming, do you still own those 50,000 shares of Occidental Petroleum?


Dave Hoffman is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By Dave Hoffman on Apr 07, 07
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