Good For The Country: "RFID Chips, The National ID Card, and DNA Partial Match -- Tests of Sovereignty"
By John Longenecker on (Apr 06, 07)

The National ID Card has been protested so much around the country that the imposition to make it come alive in 2008 has been pushed back to 2009.

The RFID Chip is already lost among the atoms of garments, personal toiletries, tires and auto parts inventories, and other consumables with a patent for human implantation dating back to the early seventies.

Most recently, DNA is rapidly rising to a new application which threatens personal privacy, a decent or blank criminal record, personal expense and time.

And how, exactly, Longenecker?

The DNA application is where a partial match suggests that the evidence was connected materially somehow to perhaps a relative of a person of interest. The investigationís scope then expands to include that relative with the full force of law.

ó and by dint of the fact that it comes against our protests.

What the RFID Microchip, the National ID Card and DNA partial match have in common is a triad of intrusion, interference, and imposition.

In a non-partisan education of voters and other citizens here, it would be worth examining the other side of the issue in spite of all the promises of benefits.. and of all the gains for certain industrial complexes.

Primarily, there is little real talk about safeties because there are none. As usual, major suppliers of the technologies cannot rationally guarantee there wonít be any major personal problems with such redundant databases. Any risks present in existing databases will be multiplied by every increasing repository of your personal data, and if itís not personal, itís not worth anything to any subscribers qualifying to legally take a peek at your file.

Or add something.

"But, I Have Nothing To Hide. . ."

Many persons impartial to what I call The Flea Ė the tiny RFID Chip you really donít want on you Ė respond by saying that they have nothing to hide. I think theyíre kidding themselves and donít understand the real potentials in play here.

Every Security expert knows that people have three lives: a public life, a private life and a secret life. Donít kid yourself. You have all three, too.

And every agency has mistake, abuse and retaliation. The combination of these six dynamics makes a very dangerous formula for horribly expensive cases of identity theft, consumer vexation, and needless harassment and expense purely because of the redundancy factor, and opportunities for utterly anonymous abuses or additions or deletions in totally unaccountable drone retaliation.

Look at the many reports of database leaks in 2007 alone before these three can even get up steam.

The common lead in RFID, National ID Cards and DNA partial match investigations and databases is that they all come promising wonderful benefits, but they come unstoppably against our objections with positively no recourse or remedy for disaster which will no doubt result purely from the very existence and keeping of such personal data.

And even if there were would never make the person whole again, not really. It never does.

Is it still possible to say No to anything anymore? Only by sovereign authority can we say No to anything.

As sovereign citizens Ė and I donít care how beneficial the technology is Ė every intrusion is yet another test of our sovereignty. We do not have to furnish exhibits, we donít have to show data and we donít even have to have a reason.

We donít even have to be right. Weíre automatically right because weíre sovereign. Or not. What if thatís no longer enough?

You know that all will claim in the near future to brilliantly fight crime.

But this is not necessarily where crime is fought. Another edition of Good For The Country.

Three tests of our sovereignty are before us Ė the coming RFID Technology, the National ID Card, and DNA partial match policy, each of which sounds wondrous. At first.

It might be a very, very good idea to see each of these as a test of your right to refuse. That kind of debate, itself, would be good for the country.

This month, we are announcing the launch of the Good For The Country Foundation, a patriotic non-profit, non-partisan education organization in the public interest. Issues like these affect all of us and each other.

Good For The Country as a syndicated feature is starting its third year, and the values discussed throughout the life of this feature have been met with great encouragement, reprinting/republishing and excerpt. Thank you very, very much for your kindness, everyone.

The purpose of the Good For The Country Foundation is voter education on current affairs with a broader scope of sovereignty issues as they come into the realm of public debate. The Foundation believes that our American values system here is more than a sense of morality Ė more a body of functioning Safeguards which powerfully protect American Sovereignty and Liberty, and that elaboration of these is vital to the continuation of our way of life.

The Foundation will also issue grants, legal assistance and other public benefits on a variety of sovereignty issues in the public interest.

Please visit our website at, of course . . .


John Longenecker is President and Chairman of the Good For The Country Foundation. Visit the website at

By John Longenecker on Apr 06, 07
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