Queen of Pork Barrel Bribery Appoints Self Commander-in-Chief
By JB Williams on (Apr 05, 07)

Self-appointed Commander-in-Chief Nancy Pelosi, now seizing control of U.S. Foreign Policy in her “unauthorized” whirl-wind visit with international partners of world-wide jihad in Syria and beyond, is getting dangerously close to out-performing Rosie O’Donnell on the insanity meter…

Bush should have known better than to agree to loaning Commander Pelosi a private jet. She’s too damn dangerous to give a bicycle to… even with training wheels!

When Commander Pelosi saw she was about to come up several votes short in her partisan effort to de-fund our military currently fighting on the primary terror front in Iraq, she simply opened up the barrel of pork and started bribing fellow Democrats with special pet project money until she had the votes needed to undermine the war on terror. That’s how she fast earned the title, Queen of Pork Barrel Bribery.

Once Democrats in both the House and Senate passed their surrender bills by way of pork barrel bribes, it was time for Commander Pelosi to visit our enemies carrying with her the news that there was a new sheriff in D.C., and the U.S. was no longer in the mood to fight terrorists or the regimes that arm and fund them.

The news that our enemies must simply await the newly scheduled retreat and withdrawal of our under-funded troops, ordered by our newly self-appointed Commander-in-Chief, was welcomed with open arms across the Mideast, where American troops and those Bush folks who clearly have a problem getting along with jihadists, have almost as low of an approval rating in the region as they do among Democrats right here at home.

“We came in friendship, hope, and determined that the road to Damascus is a road to peace,” Pelosi told reporters after her talks with Assad. In other words, please be nice and change your terror loving ways, because if you don’t, we don’t intend to do anything about it...

Commander Pelosi carried her party olive branch to the regime known to be sending armor and troops across the Iraq border for the sole purpose of killing American soldiers and innocent Iraqi citizens, both of whom are working together diligently to stop the sectarian and terrorist violence pouring into their war torn nation from both Syria and Iran. A message of “friendship and hope” she claims?

Pelosi said she brought a message to Assad from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that Israel was ready for peace talks with Syria. At another “unauthorized” meeting last Sunday, Olmert asked Pelosi to take a message to Assad that Israel would be interested in peace if Syria stops its support for terrorism. No—duh...!

This is the new Democrat grand plan for peace in the Middle East? This is the message that had to be delivered by the new self-appointed Commander-in-Chief personally? If Syria stops being a terror state, Israel will stop treating them like a terror state? This is breaking news to anyone, or some new peace initiative that required a special “unauthorized” visit from Commander Pelosi?

If this is it, and it is, then Pelosi is fast on her way to making Rosie O’Donnell look sane! Americans shouldn’t be wasting time calling for the firing of Rosie at ABC. They should be preparing a public noose to greet Commander Pelosi the minute the Starship Nutcase touches back down on American soil...

I suppose her next Mideast peace initiative will be to reward Iran with American nuclear warheads, intercontinental missiles and the technology for both, as thanks for their release of the fifteen British soldiers they never should have kidnapped in Iraq waters to begin with???

Bush said Pelosi’s trip signals that the Assad government is part of the international mainstream when it is not. “A lot of people have gone to see President Assad … and yet we haven’t seen action. He hasn’t responded,” Bush told reporters soon after Pelosi arrived in Damascus on Tuesday.

And now after Commander Pelosi’s visit, Syrian government officials confirm Bush’s statement. “Everyone knows there are different points of view between Syria and the United States,” he said. Yes, the U.S. is opposed to Syria’s ongoing terror activities and Syria is not. “We are happy that Mrs. Pelosi and her (unauthorized and unofficial) delegation had the courage and determination to bridge these differences.”

She bridged these differences how exactly? By telling them what they already knew? That both the U.S. and Israel were eager for peace through Syria’s discontinued terror activities, which Syria has so far failed repeatedly to discontinue? Again, this is some sort of earth shattering new development? How? Syria had somehow missed this breaking news?

Hollyweird would no doubt give her a day-time soap Emmy for her trip to meet the enemy, but in the good ole days, such an overt act of circumventing the elected Commander-in-Chief in an obvious effort to undermine official U.S. policy by making “unauthorized” visits with well-known enemies of the free world would have drawn treason charges. But today, many Americans who are upset by the fact that neither international socialists nor global jihadists think much of America, see such an outward public display of treason as some form of intelligent patriotism.

The Speaker of the House has no power to make such a trip or hold such discussions unless “authorized” by the elected Commander-in-Chief. In this case, the real Commander-in-Chief specifically demanded that the Speaker respect her very limited roll as a simple “legislator”, and refrain from engaging the enemy directly, at odds with ongoing Administration foreign policy initiatives. A demand obviously ignored.

As I said, not long ago, Pelosi’s ignorance and outright traitorous act of circumventing formal U.S. policy despite the president’s condemnation of her actions would have meant she had handcuffs and a lynch mob awaiting her return to U.S. soil.

But instead, we continue to tolerate such insane anti-American nonsense for what purpose exactly?

Well, for liberals, the purpose is political power at home at any cost, including an American loss in the war against international terrorism, additional attacks on U.S. interests, even on U.S. soil, which would certainly follow any such a loss, and unnecessary loss of American soldiers on a battlefield without the full financial and moral support of the people back home, who now seem eager to retreat in defeat. How soon the lessons of 9/11 have been forgotten...

As for so-called “independents”, those without the moral backbone to take a side in the fight between the conscious free world hoping to end world-wide terrorism before we have to stick our grandchildren in uniform to fight them on our doorsteps—and terrorists, the rogue regimes who support them like Syria and the spineless jellyfish around the globe like all of Europe who appease them, these folks are motivated only by a child-like hope for peace where peace has never before existed, at any cost, including freedom and liberty if need be.

Now for quasi-conservatives, who usually label themselves Republicans by default, whether they actually qualify or not - who the hell knows why they tolerate this traitorous nonsense. One can only assume that they tolerate it out of fear of their political opponents at home, since no other explanation makes any sense at all. One must conclude that today’s Republican leaders are simply political cowards.

Can anyone tell me why a group that calls itself GOPUSA, who is currently circulating a “fire Rosie” petition, is more worried about a clear nutjob of an overtly ignorant Hollyweird court jester than a treasonous Speaker of the House?

I’d rather sign a petition calling for the immediate suspension and investigation for impeachment of Nancy Pelosi, who is currently traveling around enemy territories undermining official U.S. foreign policy against the orders of the elected Commander-in-Chief, whom is constitutionally held responsible for making and directing our nations foreign policies and national defense.

Who cares about nutcase Rosie? The more she talks, the better we look! Just like the Ditzy Chicks, Rosie’s loud mouthed anti-American ignorance is the 15 minutes of fame she couldn’t accomplish any other way. Nobody takes these foolhardy parasites serious to begin with...They have the mental capacity of the average minimum wage carnival geek… Who cares?

Where’s the petition to impeach Pelosi and her cast of traitorous Democrats? I’ll sign that one in a heartbeat!

By JB Williams on Apr 05, 07
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