There's a New Congress in Town
By JB Williams on (Apr 03, 07)

Enter Queen Nancy…

In response to President Bush’s promise to veto both House and Senate pork filled Iraq spending bills, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who clearly thinks she was elected Queen of the Free World last November, pronounced; “Calm down Mr. President. Stop with the threats, there’s a new congress in town!"¯ See Democrats bill declares Iraq defeat

This might be the first true statement the new Speaker has made since taking office. There indeed is a new congress in town and that congress is giving a whole new meaning to the words political corruption, pork barrel bribery, and international treason on a grand scale. Democrats and the press they control have been beating the drum of Evil Americans, Poor Mullahs ever since 9/11 and now they are in a position to do something about it.

Speaker Pelosi’s core constituency Code Pinko, the anti-American war protesting socialist feminazi club, have been camped out on the lawn at her San Francisco home, setting foreign policy by demanding she follow the lead of another treasonous Democrat, Sen. Jay Rockefeller.

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) on the November 14, 2005 edition of “Fox Sunday"¯ divulged “I took a trip by myself in January of 2002 to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria, and I told each of the heads of state that it was my view that George Bush had already made up his mind to go to war against Iraq—that that was a predetermined set course which had taken shape shortly after 9/11.” (See Committing Treason)

The result of Rockefeller’s treasonous trip was Hussein’s WMD program being shipped to the Syrian Desert in the weeks ahead of the Coalition invasion to depose Hussein. Rockefeller is once again, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and once again in a position to use our top national security secrets to commit treason. Now he has help in the new congressional leadership.

Today, House Speaker (read as Queen) Pelosi has ignored White House demands that she refrain from similarly meddling in State Department and Administration foreign policy initiatives. Yet without hesitation, she tours the Middle East in an unprecedented effort to undermine the Bush administration and ongoing State Department operations in an effort to bring about a premeditated Democratic defeat-by-design in the international war on terrorism, beginning with Iraq.

As Iran continues to parade kidnapped British hostages before a world stage in a propaganda war aimed at keeping world attention off of their near nuclear weapons success, Pelosi jet-sets around the region in a manner described by San Francisco based Pipeline News as, Pelosi Trip Proves That Democrats Have Become A Traitorous Party.

And as British allies work to gain the peaceful release of their soldiers held captive in Iran against all international laws, Pelosi Refuses to Support British on Iran?

Meanwhile, San Francisco reports, “Nancy Pelosi has invited CodePink Women for Peace and its supporters to a tea party at her home to celebrate some joyful news: her triumph in getting the House of Representatives to de-fund the Iraq War, prevent an attack on Iran, and work on impeachment, which has always been on our table, this very merry month of April !!"¯ (Even Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton refused to meet with this dangerously ignorant anti-American group of socialist nut-cases.)

Against White House and State Department demands, Queen Nancy recklessly prepares to meet with terror sponsor state Syria, not coincidentally the same terror regime Sen. Rockefeller used to sneak top secret national security information to the Hussein regime in Iraq only weeks after 9/11 and a year before Bush would decide with congressional support, to depose Hussein and liberate a brutalized Iraq society.

Canada Free Press examines the purposes behind the Pelosi treason trip, working from a growing history of similar wholesale treasonous acts committed by Democrats with apparent immunity.

Where is our Justice Department on what appears to be wholesale acts of treason aimed at destroying America, rather than America’s international terror enemies? Why is the White House sitting on its hands while Democrats fly around the globe for the sole purpose of undermining every White House initiative to prosecute an international war against world-wide terror organizations and the rogue regimes that support them?

Bush’s approval rating continues its freefall as a direct result of allowing anti-American Democrats to continue their treasonous attacks on the U.S. and its allies. Bush is being far too compassionate towards those who have repeatedly stabbed him, this nation and our troops in the back.

At this point, there is no way to excuse Bush’s lack of action against these traitors. His foolish continued tolerance of such acts can only be called cowardly. Bush is now single handedly destroying the word “Republican"¯ and proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the next Republican Presidential candidate had better not be a compassionate moderate of any form, in any way compassionate against those who so blatantly intend this nation great harm from within or abroad.

Bush is finished! He has passed on every opportunity to put an end to the overt treasonous acts of American leftists who have never passed on an opportunity to destroy him or this nation. He has set the stage for failure of any similarly moderate Republican candidate, be it Giuliani, McCain or Romney.

The next Republican candidate must be a real conservative with real backbone and an unapologetic set of crosshairs trained on Americas traitors within and foreign enemies alike, or they will be the loneliest candidate in American electoral history!

Real Americans have had enough and if the Republican Party does not quickly reform itself back to real conservative American principles, the American people will...

RNC fund raising is already way down as a result of the RNC pimping liberal candidates. If they stay this course, Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States and the United States will no longer be America!

The list of Democrats that should face treason charges is growing by the minute. It’s no accident, any of it. And if American conservatives don’t demand immediate Republican action against these traitors and fast, a national train wreck beyond imagination is unavoidable.

Americans who understand that our nation can not survive a failure in the war on terror had better start dialing their congressional representatives demanding immediate treason investigations against a laundry list of dirty Democrats. Rockefeller should be sitting in a prison right this minute. Instead, “the people"¯ put him back in charge of their national intelligence community where he can do even more harm.

If good people continue to sit back and do nothing, this evil from within will prevail.

May God Bless these temporarily divided states of America, and bring us a real flag waving, morally sound, unapologetically pro-American leader willing to take no prisoner at home or abroad, before the clock ticks out!

May God save this nation from its fatal apathy and tolerance of the intolerable!

By JB Williams on Apr 03, 07
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