Going to War With Conservatives
By Brad Snyder on (Apr 03, 07)

Before you compassionate types, who typically need jokes explained, get all uppity on me, hold your high horses for just a moment.  This is not my customary bashing liberals editorial; although I’m always more than happy to lend an abusive hand.

Which reminds me:

Q - How are apples and Liberal Democrats alike? 
A - They both look good hanging from a tree. 

It’s old news, that there are Liberals who have wandered into Republican waters.  Seems we could make a case for taking hostages, huh?  Confucius was addressing these moderate Republicans when he said, “He who sit on fence too long get big pain in rumpus.” I believe the pain is felt by those whose side they supposedly claim, but repeatedly position themselves against.  Based on this, we might even say these Rinos are “one...big...pain-in-the-ass”.

At times it can be puzzling when attempting to distinguish the sheep from the wolves, as typically both Liberals and Rinos try to portray themselves as something they are not.  However, doesn’t the Bible say something like, “You’ll know them by their fruitiness”?  Something like that...Anyway…

But the one thing that neither group claims to be is Conservative.  Of course, McCain will try to say he’s conservative, but we know better.  Isn’t it interesting that he’s now as popular as French kissing at a family reunion, for this 2008 Presidential bid?

Sorry to say, it is neither Liberal nor Rino that I wish to fight this week. Instead, I’m going to war with “real conservatives”, as they like to refer to themselves.  Usually they are true to conservative issues.  However, when it comes to a strong Military in defense of our nation, they grow weak in the knees and turn far off course, as they run for cover. 

One such Conservative, Rep. Ron Paul (R - TX) stated the following: 

“Only with the complicity of Congress have we become a nation of pre-emptive war, secret military tribunals, torture, rejection of habeas corpus, warrantless searches, undue government secrecy, extraordinary renditions, and uncontrollable spying on the American people.  The greatest danger we face is ourselves: what we are doing in the name of providing security for a people made fearful by distortions of facts.  Fighting over there has nothing to do with preserving freedoms here at home.  More likely the opposite is true.” 1

Such sniveling rhetoric could just as easily been made by machine politicians Reid, Pelosi, Durbin, or Kennedy. 

Former Presidential candidate, Pat Buchanan is another example of a “real conservative” who voices strong sentiment against the war. 

“...given the rage and revulsion Americans feel at having been stampeded into Iraq and pinioned in Baghdad, unable to stop the bleeding but unwilling to walk away in defeat, the American appetite for intervention has probably been sated for a long, long time." 2

President Bush said in his second inaugural address, that “America’s national goal is to support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny on earth.” 3 Pat Buchanan taunts Bush’s remarks, and wonders whether our next goal is to wipe out evil and sin.  He further asks the question “Are Americans still willing to support that ‘utopian’ mission with blood and billions of dollars?”

Again, I’m forced to imagine how a “Conservative’ could sound so....Kucinich.  We “non-real-Conservatives” base our ideals on sound logical principles.  I’m not talking about the Left’s feel good, cum-by-yah, pie in the sky, like “equality of outcome and free healthcare for all”. 

But, “Liberty and Justice for all”, now there’s a lofty goal, if ever I heard one!  Yet “Give me liberty, or give me death” has been the age old American battle cry for over 200 years.  We thought it not unreachable for even the most modest and lowborn American among us.  So, how dare we wish it on dictatorship-raped mud holes like Africa, South America, Middle East, and Asia?

Regardless as to how these “real conservatives” and their Liberal brethren spin it, most Americans, deep down, understand why we are at war in Iraq.  It wasn’t for oil; it wasn’t for Chenney’s Corporate buddies at Halliburton; and, it wasn’t for spreading Americanized Democracy. 

Everyone knows that U.S. has never used force to broaden an American empire.  We use our resources and strength to protect American interests and citizens, both at home and abroad, and to help friends in need.  If not the U.S., then who?  The United Nations?  Get serious…That’s a better joke than even I can make.  Because of our leadership standing in the world, we have a responsibility to “show them the way”, whether they like it or not.

In the past, the U.S. has dealt with terrorists and those governments who aid them, by sounding angry and talking tough.  Although his resolve has not been perfect, President Bush called America’s past performance of dealing with terrorism, “swatting at flies.” At least the President understands that an “all bark and no bite” policy is futile against a gang of goons who view mold as a higher life form than the infidels of the West.  If only Bush could learn how to bite back at his enemies in the House and Senate.

You cannot talk with irrational criminals like Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas’ Abu Abdullah, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Supreme Leader, Seyyed Ali Khamene’i.  See how far you get in reasoning with a lioness as you ask her to turn Veggan and start respecting the lives of the peace loving zebra and Gazelle.  More than likely, you’ll end up with your throat ripped out.  Or, as in the case of these Islamic Terrorists, your head severed.

Until these archaic Islamic regimes join modern civilized humanity, they must be made to reap what they sow, which is fear and hostility.  If we have anything at all to say to them, let it be at the earthhaking sounds of exploding American cruise missiles and the rat-tat-tat of Blackhawk M-60 machine guns. 

What are our other options?  Turning a blind eye, letting them run amok, and doing as they please, is not one of them.  World War II should have changed the way every responsible Democratic nation deals with the rogue element of evil governments.  But deplorably, Europe, who suffered the most, has forgotten, and is now on the verge of being over-run by Islamic Fundamentalists.  We in America are also being over-run by our former Communist Nemesis.  They’re now using the name, “Democrat Party”. 

Fear is a debilitating force.  Unfortunately, there are those in our leadership who, gripped by fear, are letting the fear perpetrating Islamo-facists cripple our American resolve, when what should be happening is the turning loose of our fury and hunting down every enemy, in every cave, under every rock, and shooting them in the head.  Let them be the ones who fear the awesome but beneficent power of the United States of America.

Those who say this “Iraqi conflict” can only be won by diplomacy are cockamamie fools who have their heads buried deep in sand as well as up other damp and darkened places.  Diplomatic negotiations were attempted before we went to war.  The French along with the UN hindered and the enemy scoffed; therefore, they are at fault for starting this war, not the United States.

The Greatest General who ever lived, George Patton said, “We’ll win this war, but we’ll win it only by fighting and by showing the Germans that we’ve got more guts than they have; or ever will have. We’re not going to just shoot the sons-of-b*****s, we’re going to rip out their living G**damned guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks. We’re going to murder those lousy Hun c***suckers by the bushel-f***ing-basket. War is a bloody, killing business. You’ve got to spill their blood, or they will spill yours. Rip them up the belly. Shoot them in the guts.” 4

Playing into the hands of Liberals, they cut off our noses to spite our face.  It would work well, if they could muster the guts when it came to defending our nation.  We have these “real conservatives” to blame for the turn-about in November, 2006.  Yep, they sure taught Republicans a lesson by handing the leadership to the Democrat Party.  Thanks a lot ladies.  Conservatives in another era may have had an anti-intervention foreign policy.  But we are living in post WWII times, with enemies who want to conquer and dominate us.  What happens in Liechtenstein affects us in the United States.  We cannot have bully establishments and nations running about seeking whom they may devour.  Why?  Because we are next on their list; we must destroy them, before they destroy us.


1. www.house.gov/Paul

2. WorldNetDaily: Interventions without end?

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4. George S. Patton - Wikiquote

Brad Snyder is the editor of url= USA]www.isentinel.us]USA Sentinel[/url], a news and commentary new media service devoted to spreading the gospel of conservatism.  His work has also been read on various venues, such as The Conservative Voice, American Daily, Capitol Hill Coffee House, Michigan News, The Reality Check and The New Media Journal, to name a few.

By Brad Snyder on Apr 03, 07
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