Iran: Do the Math
By Erik Rush on (Apr 02, 07)


Remember that headline? No? If you don’t, it’s not because you’re too young to remember; it’s because no such headline was ever written.

I won’t go into the whole Truman was a Democrat thing, because Democrat politicians then were a completely different animal than what we have in America today. But isn’t it interesting how America’s use of nuclear weapons – which definitively ended World War II – is always referred to as having been done by “the United States” rather than Truman or the Democrat Party.

Not to say that I’d have handled it differently – but why is it, then that George W. Bush and the Republicans (almost sounds like a ‘Fifties pop group, doesn’t it?) are effectively held personally responsible by the opposition for every untimely event that has transpired during the Iraq war? Yes, many a reader will already know the answer to this and related questions.

First, of course, we’re not actually at war; that’s just something GWB made up, you see. No declaration was ever made by Congress – forget hat one needs another nation upon which war can be declared in such a case, and we didn’t have that because no one has ever faced a nationless, vagabond jihadist army. No troops massed on the battlefield for days or weeks making each other terribly nervous before the first salvos ensued.

Then, there’s the fact that we’re this heavy-handed imperialist superpower that’s had its heel in the neck of everyone else for so long that we don’t have the right to defend ourselves when attacked, and Bush has sent American troops to completely random (or exploitable) nations simply because some guys flew a few planes into buildings.

Come to think of it, GWB could have set that one up too. Oil, vendetta, Halliburton… I can almost hear Jon Lovitz doing his Pathological Liar character on Saturday Night Live: “Yeah… that’s the ticket!”

While all of this is going on, however, the known world still looks for America to single-handedly prevent or remedy everything from tsunamis to African civil wars and epidemics.

Well, which is it? The nauseatingly hypocritical American far Left, global socialists and the tin-plated dictators of the Third World can’t have it both ways.

The American public needs to become aware – on a scale similar to that which existed during WWII – that the enemy not only exists, but exists within as well as from without. The uncertainty that has been generated since September 11, 2001, our unrealistic expectations concerning this unprecedented conflict (which includes but is by no means limited to Iraq) and insane conspiracy theories fall at the feet of far-Left propagandists in the media and among our politicians. Some of the latter currently hold a majority in Congress because the minds of Americans were poisoned, their spirits stultified and their characters enfeebled by immature, self-seeking, arrogant men and women.

Our enemies, from the jihadists to those dwelling in the nations which support them are cowards. Their proclivity for anonymous attacks, kidnappings and “symbolic” murder are the marks of an inferior culture. The Japanese and the Germans, as ruthless as they were during WWII, possessed far more honor.

We are currently faced with the aforementioned congressional majority that is bent on weakening our position in Iraq, and thus our position in the region as well as globally. This is something at which the Democrat Party has become quite adept since the 1970s, if one looks at the Carter and Clinton administrations.

Speaking of Carter (possibly the worst president we’ve ever had), it was during his presidency that revolutionaries in Iran seized the American embassy and held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. This probably rings familiar even if one doesn’t remember what came to be known as the Iran Hostage Crisis, due to the recent kidnapping of 15 British sailors and marines the Persian Gulf by the naval arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

All of the posturing, saber-rattling, tension and media attention aside, the incident is yet one more cowardly act committed by cowardly people from a culturally bankrupt society. The compassion, logic and understanding of the West are beyond being lost on them – they are weaknesses to be scoffed at and laughed over. It’s the same game the Third World has learned to play with America over the last thirty years. We’ve given them plenty of opportunity to practice, so they’ve gotten pretty good, particularly Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Iran humiliates the British servicemen (and one woman), their military and their government, broadcasting coerced apologies for “entering Iranian waters”. The American media waxes more and more like Al-Jazeera with each of their reports of the incident. Since Americans have been mentally tranquilized, they’re thinking more about that glorious day when the evil GWB is no longer in office than some escalation of his silly so-called war. It will literally take a million or so Americans being killed via some sundry weapon of mass destruction to rouse them. Many will probably blame Bush anyway.

Which brings us to the final answer to the question in the third paragraph of this column: The advent of the new religious sect whose devil is President Bush. This socialist-manufactured, media-driven diversion is simply one more machination of our enemies at home.

In August of 1945, President Harry Truman was given a choice vis-à-vis “to bomb or not to bomb” Hiroshima and Nagasaki: 200,000 Japanese dead now versus 1,000,000 dead on each side over the following ten years. He did the math and made a choice resulting in a net gain of 1,800,000 lives.

Other than the poetic justice connected with nuking a country whose rogue, retrograde rulers are buying time in characteristic duplicitous fashion whilst scrambling to develop nuclear weapons we have every indication they will use, one might argue that the current situation with Iran is one for which thermonuclear weapons were made.

A word comes to mind that is used to refer to housecats and is considered vulgarity when used to refer to a human female’s genitalia – but that’s what we’ve become as a nation. I know that this doesn’t mirror the attitude of the majority of Americans as individuals, but half of us don’t even vote. The other 25% to 35% who vote intelligently most of the time are so afraid of being called names that they don’t speak their minds or hold accountable the lawmakers who represent us. So this is how we’re represented in Washington, what our actions reflect, and how we’ve come to be perceived by much of the world.

We’ve come to a sorry, scary place when Americans cannot universally agree that a culture which produces mothers who are happy to see their children blow themselves up and men who gleefully saw the heads off of living human beings and broadcast it on television should be suppressed – and certainly never allowed to even come close to regional, let alone global preeminence – by any means necessary.

Erik Rush is a New York-born columnist and author who writes a weekly column of political fare. He is also Acting Associate Editor and Publisher for the New Media Alliance, Inc.

By Erik Rush on Apr 02, 07
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