Gore Has Turned 'Global Warming' into a Religion
By Kevin Roeten on (Apr 02, 07)

One of the definitions of religion is defined by Webster as “anything done or followed with reverence and devotion.” But as Jonah Goldberg(TownHall) exclaimed “Gore is on the side of the angels and therefore it’s mean-spirited to throw inconvenient truths back at the Oscar winner for ‘An Inconvenient Truth’”. But what has Gore to gain from all his hype?

Back on 1/2/07 Roger Hedgecock(‘KOGO’ radio) revealed what most scientists(not bureaucrats) agreed on--the top 9 reasons for global warming. Man was #9, volcanic eruptions #7, plankton #5, and the Sun was #1.

Interestingly, sunspot activity seems to greatly influence the sun’s total emanated energy. But we know that the sun’s output is not entirely constant. But the amount of sunspot activity bottomed out in the 17th century. This occurred during the latter half, and was actually named the Maunder Minimum. Significantly, this low amount of sunspots coincided with an abnormally cold period recorded in Northern Europe that is typically called the little Ice Age. Science also tells us that since the formation of the solar system, the sun’s output has increased by about 40%. We also know that our sun is actually a variable star of ~1%.

But let’s not forget about a few other facts that science tells us that seem to totally refute Gore’s claims:

1) An unmistakable 1500 year cycle in temperature oscillations is present.
2) CO2 of 15 times existing concentrations was recorded in the past.
3) Very recent data indicate that cosmic radiation from deep space directly increases cloud formation, which directly affects warming.
4) The sun’s magnetic field changes the cosmic radiation reaching the earth.
5) “Global Warming” is mostly due to water vapor(clouds: ~95%).
6) The highest solar activity in the last 1000 yrs has been recorded recently.
7) The sun is now burning hotter than in the last 1000 years.
8) Govt/private studies calculate Kyoto could cost US $348 billion by 2012.
9) Those same studies predict Kyoto could cost the world 1 trillion by 2012.
10) Those same studies predict that 1.3 million jobs will be destroyed.
11) Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, and Neptune’s moon are verified to be undergoing ‘global warming’ coinciding with the earth.
12) In the year 1000 A.D., earth’s climate was much warmer than it is now.
13) Vikings raised crops and cattle in Greenland 1000 years ago.
14) A recent poll of climatologists showed that 90% agreed with the statement: “scientific evidence indicates variations in global temperature are likely to be naturally occurring and cyclical over very long periods of time.”

Per Dr. Sami Solanski(Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research) “Unfortunately, regular and detailed measurements of the sun’s surface magnetic field are available for only a few decades, not long enough for comparison with climate.”

Katie Couric has called Gore a ‘Secular Saint’. Oprah Winfrey has called Gore the ‘Noah’ of our time. When Senator James Inhofe(Ok) asked Gore recently to take the pledge “to consume no more energy for use in his residence than the average American household by 3/21/08”, Gore refused. We also know that Gore has received many more times the president’s annual salary for his controversial film “An Inconvenient Truth”. But he actually received more popular votes than Bush six years ago when running for president. But he hasn’t entered the ’08 race yet.

All the above facts can be checked and verified. But having these facts available, and still believing that global warming is ‘man-made’, seems hard to conceive. Sure Gore is no scientist and probably has not taken meteorology or astrophysics in school, but persists in ‘alarmism’. But he has a significant percentage of the population believing in ‘man-made’ global warming. This is scary because it’s so reminiscent of certain historical characters. But what’s scarier is that people will likely believe this hype for another 25-50 years. What will happen to those that believed when proven wrong? It’s hoped that the damage that was done to correct an ‘ill-perceived’ problem may not be too much from which to recover.

By Kevin Roeten on Apr 02, 07
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