We're Not Blind Out Here
By David Tatosian on (Nov 15, 06)

In a recent article, Mr. Newt Gingrich assured us that the beating the Republicans received at the polls was not the result of misguided conservatives or misinformed American voters, but rather the result of “...Republican leaders who forgot who elected them and what values their supporters expected to see implemented in Washington...”

In the vain hope of guiding the Republican Party “back” to common sense conservatism, Mr. Gingrich has kindly offered to report to us, “…directly and clearly about the proposals coming forth and the strategies that are being recommended…” by the Republican leadership, and further offered to be our eyes and ears “…in this time of profound challenge and opportunity for our movement…”

While I appreciate Mr. Gingrich’s kind offer to keep me abreast of whatever strategies the Republican leadership might try to sell us (hoping to regaining power), I must politely decline his offer.

I have no interest in any proclamations or perverse stratagems handed down by a Republican leadership that has so obviously dedicated itself to corruption, arrogance, incompetence and greed while simultaneously proving itself incapable of discerning fact from fiction.

We’ve watched these Republicans intensely for the past six years. We’re not blind out here.

That Mr. Gingrich so readily offers to hand deliver these Republican manifestos, thereby lending his conservative bone fides to whatever these Republicans espouse, not only proves Mr. Gingrich to be no less a political beast than the Republicans, but also demonstrates the battered wife syndrome conservatives naturally fall into when dealing with the Republican Party.

For Conservatives, hope springs eternal in the face of Republican lies and disavowals.

Perhaps Conservatives might be more effective if they took up residence in a figurative “Battered Conservative Shelter” that afforded them an opportunity to achieve political and societal change on their own instead of depending on a Republican party constantly backhanding them into mute acquiescence.

Furthermore, Mr. Gingrich’s kind offer to make known whatever the Republican leadership deigns to spoon feed us simply reinforces the top down governance that the American voters unanimously rejected last week.

Did they forget what happened last week or did they not get the message? I suspect it’s the latter.

Does Mr. Gingrich, who states, “We should rebuild the grassroots conservative movement” contribute to that rebuilding process by being a messenger for a Republican leadership that has consistently shown nothing but contempt for that grassroots movement?

And who needs a grassroots conservative movement like that? Besides the Republican leadership at election time that is.

Let’s be clear, the movement that’s giving pause to Republicans and Democrats alike is not the grassroots conservative movement. It is the spontaneous movement represented by an ever-increasing number of desperate American communities attempting to save themselves from the unlawful and horrific effects of millions of Latin American illegal aliens.

Horrific effects that are imposed by Republicans and Democrats in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government.

That spontaneous rebellion began, and continues, despite the lack of any conservative grassroots involvement. In fact, Conservatives had to be dragged, kicking and screaming into the world of border security/illegal immigration before they would even acknowledge there was a problem.

And other than a desperate campaign ploy to try and maintain power, Republicans refused to listen to Americans in those communities.

But now the Republican majority is gone.

Clearly, nationwide voter dissatisfaction presents us with the possibility for change.

In 1992, Ross Perot managed to get 20% of the popular vote, even after his meltdown. Neither Republican nor Democrat paid any mind to that number, or what that number might imply. And why would they? A third party in the United States is an impossibility.

But voter anger and dissatisfaction swept the Democrats from power in ’94 and the Republicans in ’06.

In fact, voter dissatisfaction is a very real and potent third party unconcerned with slogans, PAC money, contributions or mudslinging.

Conservatives? We have seen everything these two political parties have to offer the nation.

True, some of their members may be well intentioned, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions isn’t it?

In fact, they are lost.

Forget the Republicans. Their liberal president owns them and leads them on their ineffectual and extravagant journey. Let them go to hell alone.

That road is not for us.

David Tatosian is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By David Tatosian on Nov 15, 06
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