Political Revolution
By John LeBoutillier on (May 20, 10)

It began last November: Virginia and New Jersey—two states that had gone for Obama in 2008—and then spread to the most liberal of all states, Massachusetts, with the Tea Party break-out victory of Scott Brown in January.

Ten days ago it went to Utah and took out a senior U.S. GOP Senator. In Florida it dislodged a sitting GOP Governor.

Yesterday it spread to Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

“It” is the largest manifestation of Americans’ unhappiness with the Political Establishment – perhaps ever in American history.

Yesterday’s rejection of turn-coat Senator Arlen Specter is a wonderful spectacle; it is a repudiation of Obama and his sleazy deal to entice the equally sleazy Specter to jump from the GOP. It is also a strong statement that switching parties is a bad political move because neither side ever trusts or likes you anymore.

It is a surprise that the Democrats kept the Murtha seat. That is the one result that goes against the Tea Party trends on 2009-2010. But even that Democrat is a conservative Democrat more in tune with Republicans than the Pelosi Democrats.

Conclusion: this ongoing Political Revolution is against the Establishment of both political parties.

It is the single most heartening and optimistic political development in decades.

Washington DC needs to be swept clean of the corrupt thinking that has created a gigantic chasm between the people and the government that is supposed to work for them.

By John LeBoutillier on May 20, 10
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