Making Workers Pay
By Larry Wilke on (Apr 02, 09)

The weasely liberals and their life partners, who only a few months ago were cavorting at the ostentatious Obama orgy in Chicago, (which he finally got around to paying off) are now beginning through their actions, to believe that they will be held “accountable” for the fiscal flailing of the brown Bolshevik.  Though we may appreciate their (tardy) perceptiveness relative to the slim possibility of our survival as a nation until 2010, we will need a considerably longer period of time to rectify their imperceptiveness relative to the damage, collateral and otherwise, of the totalitarian tyro’s shenanigans upon our nation…

In an article entitled, “Dems punt on hard choices on Obama budget”, we discover that the dirty brown collared brown shirts are feeling a bit reticent about the “ambitious (unexplained/detail-less) plans to expand health care, curb global warming and raise taxes on the wealthy.” It’s not that the socialist softies are concerned themselves about the “keep printing money/inflationary” ramifications of Obama’s gauche guesswork, they are concerned that WE are concerned.  They are concerned that the hoodwinked half wits from November who childishly bought into the Bolshevik baloney might end up needing the Heimlich Maneuver come 2010 if too much irresponsible collectivism is shoved down their throats.

The statute of limitations pertaining to the “lets beat around the Bush” dodge over what they “inherited” (from themselves) will have run out long before the mid term election.  Actually, that “excuse” is starting to smell not unlike the liberals themselves..

On Monday, Obama groveled before the House Democrats in order to keep his egomaniacal self-perception of political perfection and invincibility on track.  “If we don’t pass the budget, it will empower those critics who don’t want to see anything getting done..” We DON’T want to see “anything” getting done.  “Anything” within the liberal lexicon simply determines “motion”.  “Motion” applied by the left is invariably backwards.  “Direction” comes from the proper application of programs designed to encourage capitalism.  “Anything” of late from “His Royal Lie-ness” has been the collectivist hostile takeovers within the private sector.

The “risk-averse Democrats” (‘cowards” for those fond of brevity.) are “merely kicking the can down the road rather than using the budget to give a real push to the president’s agenda.  On health care, on global warming and even Obama’s signature “Making Work Pay” tax cut.” Why would the liberals suddenly go into a four-corner stall when just a short time back the tears of joy over this “historic” election left clean streaks upon their grimy cheeks?  They understand that this liberal’s “Making Work Pay” ruse is actually “Making Workers Pay”..  The “experienced” liberals would prefer a more subtle approach to their constant reactionary revenue raping of the middle class.

Obama indignantly demanded that the automakers submit a detail-laden plan few days back but he himself submits to his fellow travelers “plans” that are patently devoid of details.  We AGAIN read that “Obama’s plans for global warming and health care are still so fuzzy..” It is all Marxist misdirection that should be renamed “Ready, Shoot, Aim??”

Back in 1993 when Billy Bob Clinton was raising taxes, the votes placed by the liberals during the budget resolution debates (Obama gave these “debate” things up for Lent..) put them on record as supporting the “bull busting” destructiveness of higher taxes.  This “made subsequent votes to actually impose those tax hikes easier..” With Obama binging to beat the band, the rest of the liberals don’t appear to be that brave any more..

The “Magic 8 Ball” mentality of the Obama simpletons is “transparent” to the “experienced” liberal thieves in Congress.  The “detail-less” actions that he has already taken will need to be “financed” by the middle class.  Demanding MORE from them to “cure health care” (remember, it is a “crisis” which demands “action”..) and for the fabulous fiction of global warming is too much too soon.  The “experienced” liberal thieves would prefer that the tanned Trotskyite spread his “spread the wealth” collectivism a little thinner.

For example, those who do not understand how the liberal “tax the wealthy” lie actually pans out, here is ONE of the “difficult choices” in the budget proposal Obama gave to the liberal Congress in February. “An expensive and highly controversial plan to combat global warming through a “cap and trade” scheme that calls for auctioning off pollution permits for nearly $650 billion.  The Senate, during budget debate Tuesday, voted to instead devote any revenues from the scheme to help consumers pay higher gasoline and electric bills that energy companies will pass on to them.”

When a liberal “punishes” the “rich” or in this case a “rich” company with a necessary commodity, they in turn pass all of the “penalties” onto the consumers.  If that “tax the rich” formula fails, the liberals then begin making the $250,000/$40,000 “rich” sliding conversion..  With the left, it ALWAYS falls onto the middle class.

The phony progressive populism of class separation enthusiastically espoused by the communists during the campaign season always translates into an increase in the outlay of the formerly “disposable” income from the middle class into “revenue” for the government.  The “rich” liberals vote for it knowing that they pay accountants to Houdini their cash for them and the mendicants who pay no taxes (who should therefore NEVER be allowed to vote) join in the “hate the rich/punish the middle class” Demokratic politics of profitable progressive persecution.

Obama wanted to stifle “wealthy people’s ability to deduct charitable donations and mortgage interest at higher rates”.  The “experienced” liberal thieves “designed reserve funds” that “give modest procedural help to Obama initiatives but do nothing concrete to advance them”.  The picture is getting clearer..

“Lawmakers can cast symbolic votes in favor of Obama’s agenda- even if those votes don’t say anything about the depth of that commitment.  In fact, they can at the same time say they are voting for Obama’s agenda even as they distance themselves from key elements of it..” The penny just dropped!  They can “Kerry” it!  “I voted FOR the Obama nonsense before I voted AGAINST it”..  Why would they now want to distance themselves from their witless wizard, beloved by Germans and British PM’s?

Liberals call this approach “flexible”.  I tend to consider it “spineless”.  “But flexibility also indicates a lack of direction, for now, there are only guesses..” Game, set and match, Obamanomics 101..

A GOP lobbyist, Rich Meade said, “they are not putting their cards on the table”.  With Obama’s inattention to details and the liberal’s emphasis on “guesses”, you could safely say that they have put a house of cards on the table.

By Larry Wilke on Apr 02, 09
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