Not All Black People Voted For B. Hussein-Obama
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (Jan 20, 09)

I recently had my bathroom upgraded. The gentleman who performed the work is your, “Average Joe.” Initially, we talked about how I wanted the work to be done. As the days passed, “Charley” and I talked about the election of Barack Hussein-Obama!

Charley is an affable fellow!

However, I got the impression that he was mildly surprised when he learned that I was “More Conservative” than he is. Furthermore, he was happy to be working for someone who shared many of his values, love of country, allegiance to God, and love of family!

Charley is just one of millions of Americans who are politically active, because they don’t like what has happened to our country. Rather than sitting back and carping about the conditions of things in America, Charley reports that he is a voracious reader, and listens to Conservative commentators.

Charley, a bright man, is a foot soldier, and ready to enlist for the Conservative cause.  True Conservatives need to identify people like Charley and spell out for them their plans for taking our country back from socialists like Barack Hussein-Obama and Hillary Rodham-Clinton!

No, it will not be easy, but the Charleys of America are up for the task!

I think Charley was somewhat taken aback when I told him that I did not vote for “The Messiah.” To be fair, the man didn’t know my Conservative pedigree at the time!

I would venture to say that Most White Americans believe that “All African-Americans” fell in line, and voted for B. Hussein-Obama. Nothing could be further from the truth. You see, Black people are not a monolith!

Some of us do have this rare gift, we can think for ourselves!

African-Americans from my generation can spot a “Con Artist” a mile away. I am a Conservative because quite frankly, I believe that members of the Democrat Party, “Are Con Artists.”

Think about this for a moment. Democrats will promise you everything, including the “Kitchen Sink” if you are dumb enough to follow them. It is difficult being a Conservative. But, I don’t need to tell you that. However, trying being both Black and a Conservative.

I watched an old Chris Rock show on HBO this Sunday morning. One of his guests was the former Conservative radio talk show host, Ken Hamblin. Rock is a gifted comedian. But, he is lost politically.

He asked Hamblin, “how could a brother who was raised in New York’s notorious Bedford Stuyvesant become a Conservative?” Rock added, “what happened to you?”

I could barely make out what Hamblin was saying, thanks to the rude liberals in the audience who were roundly booing this man.  This is what these people do when you are a Conservative and you “Hold Up A Mirror To Their Socialist Faces.”

Hamblin is noted for calling liberals, “Egg Suckers.” It took a lot of courage for him to walk into this liberal snake pit.

Rock stated that he had covered elections, and had been around the likes of Rush Limbaugh. He wondered how could Hamblin be associated with a Rush Limbaugh?

The same way that Rock and Sean Penn can hang out with Roseanne Barr, Rosie O’Donnell, Oprah Winfrey, and other controlling liberals!

Chris Rock pushed all of the right buttons; and his liberal audience loved him for it. Rock is a young man whose grasp on politics is limited. It was clear that he had digested the liberal handbook, “Chapter And All Of The Verses.”

Liberals love gays. Liberals are against guns. Liberals want everyone to be equal. Liberals despise bigotry–whether it is racial prejudices–or gender. Liberals are our BFF(Best Friends Forever).

If you buy all of that bunk, then I have some swell water front property to sell you in Arizona!

By the way, Hamblin sought to get Rock to look at the dangers of liberalism. No chance! Rock leaned back in his chair. His body language seemed to say, “I’ve Got To Keep My Distance From This Guy, He Has A Disease.”

It’s called, “Free Thinker’s Syndrome, Jerk.” Liberals love people like Chris Rock. The man doesn’t think, he just follows.  People like Rock are like zombies. A zombie doesn’t have a free will. A zombie performs his tasks on the commands of his “Master.”

Guess who is Chris Rock’s Master, and Lord of all that follow them? The Democrat Party, that’s who!

There is a huge problem with following a person who has a magnetic personality–and promises you that he can give you a blissful life. By placing your life into this person’s hands, you are surrendering your free will. Something that the Creator gave to all of us!

In 1978, in a small South American Country known as Guyana, 909 followers of the reverend Jim Jones did as he commanded. They drank poison laced kool-aid. Within minutes, they were dead. Congressman Leo Ryan, and three members of the media who had accompanied him to Guyana to investigate Jones’ cult, were shot to death on orders from Jones!

Jones didn’t drink his poison. He put a bullet through his head!

Jones was a charismatic man. Those who “Followed Him,” believed his every word. They weren’t interested in listening to another’s point of view.

If it didn’t come from the lips of Jim Jones, the message lacked validity!

Jim Jones isn’t the only individual who has taken to the world stage, and convinced multitudes to follow him.

The danger with this practice is this. When you cling to someone else’s doctrine, and that teaching denies you the right to, “Think For Yourself,” you are in essense a, “Full Fledged Automatom.”

Try to talk with a follower of Barack Hussein-Obama’s. Ask them if they know what socialism is. Chances are good they will not only be able to give you a working definition of socialism, they will label you a heretic!

Furthermore, they will act like Chris Rock and wonder, “Why Don’t You Just Get With The Program?”

In other words, “Just Believe, Don’t Think.”

Such is the case with millions of African-Americans who are beaming with pride over the election of Barack Hussein-Obama. They know absolutely nothing about this man, or what he stands for. Come to think of it, there are millions of White Americans who are in the same boat!

These people have drank the “Messiah’s Kool-Aid.”

As we get set to embark on what can only be describe as a tumultous ride, remember this. Not all African-Americans voted for this modern day “Anton Mesmer.”

Dr. Forest Lewis is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By Dr. Forest Lewis on Jan 20, 09
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