Part II: Hillary Clinton's Ties to Radical Preachers--The Black Panthers--And the Communist Party
By Dr. Forest Lewis on (May 06, 08)

With the help of the indolent socialist press and Conservative Talk Radio Hosts, Hillary Rodham-Clinton has established herself as a, “Fighter, A Friend To The Lower Class And Women, And Now, A Centrist.”

Just like magic, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, “A Socialist To The Core,” is now, “The Darling Of The Media.” White women, along with White men, have flocked to her side, thus saving her once dying campaign, which was at one point, “On Life Support.” White women have apparently forgotten, but at one point in her career, Ms. Clinton exhibited an open disdain for their values. She even ridiculued “All Women,” with her now famous television interview, where Ms. Clinton said:

“I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life”

This is the same woman who now says Barack Obama is an elitist; and that he doesn’t understand average people. Ms. Clinton is simply projecting her own elitism, when she says that her opponent is out of touch, with the working class of America. She has been allowed to get away with past indiscretions, because it seems no one in the media is interested in shining a “Huge Spotlight On Her.”

Conservatives, Like Sean Hannity and former Congressman Joe Scarborough, now a commentator at MSNBC, have become unofficial spokesmen for Hillary Rodham-Clinton. They cheer her on with every available opportunity. Hannity had the effrontery to give former Clinton aide, “George Stephanopoulos Questions, To Put To Barack Obama For His Last Debate With Ms. Clinton.” Amazingly, all of this was done on the air!

At the debate, Stephanopoulos, came right out of the gate, and asked Obama about his connections to former Weatherman, William Ayers. This was the “Very Same Question” that Sean Hannity had recommended that Stephanopoulos pose to Obama.

These same “Fair And Balanced Pundits” had the nerve to chide Obama when he rightfully complained the next day, about how the debate was conducted, and how he was personally treated!

The people who have unleashed a relentless barrage of attacks on Barack Obama, following the Reverend Jeremia Wright’s racist outbursts, say they are only doing their jobs, because Obama tried to present himself as being “Sqeaky Clean, While All The Time, He Was Lying To The American People.” It would appear that Obama isn’t the only one lying to the American people. The press and a number of Conservative Talk Show Hosts are also lying through their teeth to us. It is my belief that they are covering for Hillary Rodham-Clinton!

While beating up on Obama day in and day out, these same hypocrites have pretended that they had no knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s “Own Pastor Problems.” You heard me right, “Little Ms. Mint Julep Has Her Own Pastor In The Closet Problems.”

When she was First Lady, America didn’t hear a peep about Hillary’s “Faith.” It is now nauseating to hear this woman talk about “Her Faith.” Although she isn’t clear “What Her Faith Is In.” According to WWW.Sixties-1.Blogspot.Com, Ms. Clinton attended the Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. for eight years. Reverend Dean J. Snyder is currently the pastor of Clinton’s former church. Reverend Snyder recently “Lauded, The Reverend Jeremiah Wright.” This is what he had to say about Wright:

“He is an agent of racial reconciliation who proclaims perceptions and truths uncomfortable for some white people to hear”

Although Snyder was not Ms. Clinton’s pastor in the 1990’s, WWW.Sixties-1Blogspot.Com says the man that Snyder replaced, The Reverend Dr. Philip Wogaman was every bit as radical. One year, following the fall of the Berlin Wall, this is what Wogaman said:

“Christian socialism’s critique of the excesses and brutalities and idolatries of the free market still need to be heard”

He once praised the Communist Nations of Red China and Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba. He also had kind words for Communist Russia in 1967:

“The USSR is characteristic of the more tolerant Communist arrangements for religion. In Russia there are specific constitutional gurantees of freedom of worship, and some provision has even been made for the upkeep of churches and theological seminaries”

Wogaman once said that Conservative columnist Cal Thomas was responsible for the “Okalahoma City Bombing.” Hillary’s philandering husband, Bill, also got in on the act. He is quoted as saying that Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich were also responsible for the Oklahoma City tragedy!

Hillary Clinton’s ties to radical clergy goes back to her years in law school. She once showered praise on the Reverend William Sloan Coffin, Jr. This is the same man writes, who traveled to Hanoi in 1972. Keep in mind, the United States was still “Fighting The Viet Cong And North Vietnamese Regulars.” And our men were dying in the rice paddies of this country, when “Traitor Coffin Went To North Vietnam.”

Republican presumptive Presidential nominee, John McCain was “Still A Guest At The Hanoi Hilton, When Coffin Visited His Commie Friends.” McCain became a Prisoner Of War after his plane was shot down in 1967. He came home a broken man after being held captive, and tortured by Coffins “Pals,” for five-and a half years.

Ms. Clinton wrote in her memoir, “Living History,” about Coffin. She commented on his, “Articulate Moral Critique Of American Involvement In Vietnam.”

But, for God’s sake, “Do Not Question Her Patriotism.” It sickens me to think that this socialist could become our military’s “Commander-In-Chief.” No, our wonderful media, and Conservative Commentators are too busy beating up on Jeremiah Wright, who by the way, spent six years in the Marine Corps. Please understand, I am in no way defending this angry, hateful old man. I simply want you to see how those who present you with the news and commentary can misuse their power, and allow a socialist to “Fly Under The Radar.”

Meantime, In 1979, the Reverend William Sloan Coffin, Jr. traveled to Tehran, Iran. Coffin obstensibly was paying tribute to “The First Modern Islamic, Theocratic State, Which Had Just Stormed A U.S. Embassy And Kidnapped Dozens Of His Fellow Countrymen.”

At their last debate, Senator Clinton attacked Senator Obama for his ties to former Weatherman, William Ayers:

“What they did was set bombs. And in some instances, people died. So it is--I think it is, again, an issue that people will be asking about”

The two nitwits who moderated this debate, Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos sat like wooden objects. Had they done their homework, they would have known that Bill Clinton “Pardoned Or Commuted The Sentences Of Two Members Of the Weather Underground.” Clinton issued pardons to Susan L. Rosenberg and Linda Evans.

Here’s a little background on these two slimeballs. In 1984, police collared these two terrorists, who possessed “740-Pounds Of Explosives And A Submachine Gun.” Rosenberg reportedly was involved in a Brinks robbery, that left a Nanuet, New York policeman dead.

Remember, New York State is Senator Clinton’s “Latest Adopted Homestate.” Also, remember that it was Ms. Clinton who fanned the flames of this question posed by “Sean Hannity’s Puppet, George Stephanopoulos.”

With her pardon in hand, one would think that Rosenberg would be grateful. Think again. Rosenberg sat down and wrote a poem to “Another Convicted Cop Killer, Mumia Abu Jamal.” This man was convicted of gunning down a Philadelphia policeman. Evans continues to call her fellow Weatherman, “Comrades.” And she maintains that “Every Inmates In Prison In This Country Is There Due To White Racism, Imperialism, And Political Circumstances.”

And Hillary Rodham-Clinton had the nerve to rebuke Barack Obama for his relationship with Bill Ayers. I have said it before, “There Is Not A Dime’s Worth Of Difference Between These Two.”

Hillary Clinton loves to take credit for being Bill Clinton’s “Co-President.” I wonder if she is ready to take credit for his handing out pardons to two enemies of the United States?

Hillary Rodham-Clinton has a long history of supporting radicals, who “Hate This Country.” A young Hillary Rodham developed a connection to the “Black Panther Party” while in law school. While attending Yale Law School, she was a student of Thomas “Tommy The Commie” Emerson. He introduced Clinton to Charles Garry, who was an attorney for the Black Panther Party. reports when members of the party were standing trial for the torture and brutal murder of a fellow by the name of Alex Rackley, “Hillary Rodham” sat in the courtroom, “Monitoring The Trial On Behalf Of The Panthers.” Rodham reportedly was looking to see if the court “Violated The Civil Rights Of These Good Citizens.” Had she found any violations, which she didn’t, she and her organizers were ready to work toward having the charges against the panthers tossed out.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t want this known, but she served a law internship at a firm in Berkely, California known as, Treuhaft, Walker and Bernstein. This was in 1972. Her boyfriend, Bill Clinton, followed Hillary out to the west coast. This law firm was founded by “current or former members of the Communist Party, USA.” This firm had a long history of representing radical groups, like the Black Panther Party. Bob Treuhaft was at one time called, “One Of The Nation’s Most Dangerously subversive Lawyers.”

Did not Ms. Rodham know what she had gotten herself into. Bob Treuhaft:

“She did want to work for a left-wing movement law firm. Anyone who went to college or law school would have known our law firm was a Commnist law firm”

Lawyer, Doris Brin Walker was Angela Davis’ attorney. She was successful in defending Ms. Davis who was charged with a plethora of felonies, the result of a shootout that ended with the death of a California judge. Said Ms. Walker:

“For Hillary to pick the most left-wing firm really at that time in the bay Area, it’s still a surprise to me that more hasn’t been made of that”

After reading this installment, you too are probably scratching your head over not hearing about Hillary’s connections to Communists. After all, she is quick to remind anyone willing to listen, “I Have Been Vetted.”

She may have been vetted, but this information presented by this author has not received widespread attention by the press in this country.

Whoever says race doesn’t matter in America, is clearly out of touch with the thinking of both Whites and Blacks in this country. To be fair, relationships between the two races have improved since the 1950’s, however, “The Elephant Is Still In The Living Room.” That elephant is “Racism.” The very people who stood by Bill Clinton during his Monica Lewinsky days, namely African-Americans, have been “Thrown Them Under The Bus.”

It is clear that race is playing a huge role in the resurgence of Hillary Rodham-Clinton. However, for the life of me, I can not understand why the press is giving this “Dangerous Woman A Pass.”

Neither Obama or Clinton should ever see the inside of the White House as President of These United States. Why Conservatives have hitched their wagons to Clinton’s campaign is baffling.

When Told that Rush Limbaugh was “Running Operation Chaos,” that is, he was calling on Republicans to switch, and vote as a Democrat, Ms. Clinton warned Rush, “Be Careful What You Ask For.”

As bright as Rush is, I do not believe that he understands that he is “Dancing With The Devil.”

Those voting for her do not understand who Hillary Rodham-Clinton is. She has shown that she can morph herself into anything the people call for. The problem for ignorant Americans who believe that this woman is on their side is this. Hillary Rodham-Clinton plans to bring them, “Pain That They Have Never Experienced.”

In my final installment, I will cover Ms. Clinton’s college thesis, written on her “Marxist Hero--Saul Alinsky.”

Dr. Forest Lewis is a trained clinical pyschologist. He is the author of Diary of a Black Man Who Escaped From the Democratic Political Plantation

Dr. Forest Lewis is a Capitol Hill Coffee House staff writer.

By Dr. Forest Lewis on May 06, 08
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