Hillary "Aint No Ways" Real
By Dave Gibson on (Mar 06, 07)

Quite possibly the worst fake Southern accent ever heard...

Sunday was the anniversary of the infamous civil-rights riots in Selma, Alabama. A celebration in observance of the occassion was held at Selma’s Brown Chapel AME Church. Among other Democrat candidates there to pay lip service to their black supporters was Hillary Clinton. In an incredibly panderous display, the Senator “from New York” did everything but don blackface and sing Mammy!

Amid the usual white-male bashing and black-victimization speeches, Hillary began to transform before the crowd from a Northern white, rich, liberal elitist into a Southern black woman who had to struggle for everything she has...At least that was the idea.

In quite possibly the worst fake Southern accent I have ever heard, the Hildabeast told the sea of black faces: “I don’t feel no ways tired.. I come too far from where I started from...Nobody told me that the road would be easy!”

Apparently, Hillary thinks that placing lyrics from old negro spirituals into her speeches and pretending to be from Dixie is the way to win black friends and influence race pimps. However, her antics while blatantly superficial and even racist seemed to work on the crowd. But then again, the majority of black voters have been unable to see through the meaningless words of liberal Democrats for decades.

Despite what Hillary would like so-called disenfranchised black voters to believe, she has done precious little suffering throughout her life (save her marriage to Bill). Hillary Rodham grew up in a wealthy suberb of Chicago called Ridge Park. She later attended the private and very expensive Wellesley College, where she served as president of the College Republicans...That’s right!

After graduating from Wellesley, Hillary entered Yale Law School where she met sexual predator Bill Clinton. Of course, Bill would soon become Governor of Arkansas and eventually the First Fornicator. Along the way, they both became very wealthy and apparently black (Bill considers himself the “first black president")!

Of course, Hillary has a history of mocking people whom she deems inferior. During her husband’s 1992 presidential campaign, she showed her true disdain for traditional families with the following comment: “You know, I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession.” In an attempt to make amends with America’s moms and homemakers, she quickly began to appear on the network morning shows, where she shared her supposed personal cookie recipes...Speaking strictly for my own mom, she was not impressed!

Hillary’s poor acting in Selma was insulting and even racist. However, she will receive a pass from the mainstream liberal news media as well as from the black community.

By Dave Gibson on Mar 06, 07
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