Outrage: New York Mayor Bloomberg Forces Same-Sex Marriage on New Yorkers by Fiat
By Guest: David R. Usher on (Nov 07, 06)

Feminist lawyers in New York are committing an outrage in New York, with the complicit support of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who strongly supports “same sex” marriage.

The New York elite is attempting to make same-sex marriage legal without making it legal.  The sneaky trick: Newsome would make it legal for anyone to simply change the sex on their birth certificate as a matter of “personal choice”. This treacherous legal maneuver, the precedential implications of which I need not describe, makes the illegal frontal attack on heterosexual marriage by San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom honorable in comparison.

This illegal maneuver must be stopped dead in its tracks.  If successful, feminists will roll this legal maneuver out everywhere possible to effectively make state constitutional amendments banning gay marriage useless.

In many previous articles, I have warned Americans to shut feminism down in its lair.  Republicans keep funding their favorite programs (welfare, VAWA, and VOCA) to the tune of ˝-trillion per year, while Democrats laugh because Republicans can’t maintain a balanced budget while the welfare state groans ever larger and illegitimacy continues breaking the Guinness record. 

Feminists salivate at the possibility of establishing the predatory political matriarchy that they set out to create many years ago. 

To put it bluntly and directly: when any two women can marry each other, marriage, children, and family will belong entirely to women.  Men will have only two places in society: prison or as slaves to child support. 

The feminist end-goal: to replace heterosexual marriage and the problems of single mothers with the mother-mother family.  The “children of the people”, (as children of illegitimacy were defined in 16th century lawbooks), will become chattel of feminist Supremacists and their hyper-entitled counterparts in politics, social services, and psychology.

Would you like to know why feminists are playing every outrageous legal trick imaginable to achieve this goal?

The brave feminist family would have at least seven sources of income (the incomes of two women, at least two sets of tax-prepaid child support orders, two sets of welfare entitlements, and marriage tax credits). 

This tremendous stimulus makes heterosexual marriage a very poor economic prospect.  These two married women (one being a man on the birth certificate), can have all the boyfriends and trysts they want.

All these years, feminists have been telling us that it is unfair to discriminate against lesbians and gays.  But when they go to court, they litigate for same-sex marriage (which has nothing to do with one’s sexual proclivities).  Two state supreme courts – Massachussetts and New York—have now served up the American family on the platter of radical feminism.  Now, Mayor Bloomberg hopes to do this to New York all by himself, after state courts upheld heterosexual marriage.

The vast majority of Americans disagree heartily with this.  They are generally aware that it will take more than lovely platitudes about protecting marriage to put out the fire. 

What have Republicans done to end the outrageous entitlements empowering radical feminists to dominate the world?  Nothing.

On Tuesday, all Americans should look very carefully at who they vote for.  And, New Yorkers should recall Mayor Bloomberg.  A man who cannot respect and follow the law has no business running anything.

David R. Usher is Senior Policy Analyst for the True Equality Network, and President of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition

By Guest: David R. Usher on Nov 07, 06
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