Election Day Could be the Death Knell for the Double Standard
By John Longenecker on (Nov 02, 06)

The disgrace of John Kerry’s speech this week doesn’t match the disgrace of the hoards who deny what he said.

News reports say that Republicans are trying to get John Kerry to apologize, but that is not quite true: America is trying to get the man to apologize. The decent around the country come from all political persuasions, Iím so pleased to hear, and I dare say, the majority of Americans is decent, a whale of a lot more decent than the Left in America.

From the actual recording of Kerryís words (and his tone), amid laughter in the audience were also gasps and hisses of shock. These were the decent speaking out loud, of course. This is not only encouraging, but an important lead which seems to be covered only outside the MSM.

My take is this: this issue of integrity and values is a debate on behalf of the decent in America, and there are many decent among Democrats. Let us never forget this.

Perhaps it is the decent who are most offended, and perhaps this is what will be decided Election Day. For now, it is America who expects an apology from John Kerry and if we donít get it, it wonít be the Republicans who win, but the whole nation if Conservatives are elected and Liberals ousted yet again. For their indecency.

Two of the most undeniable truths to emerge from the actions of both Republicans and Democrats over the last several years are these: One is that though both sides have their wierdos and their disgraces, the Republicans handle them differently than the Democrats do. Republicans resign in disgrace. Democrats circle the wagons and no one resigns or is kicked out by any of their own.

Two, Americans need to understand that the Left in America is anti-American. John Kerry may be mixed up in his own mind about where he is loyal and where he is bitter, and it comes out mixed up somehow. The Left in America may say one thing and place the burden on the rest of us to get it right, but thereís really no argument about what they say on any given subject. They hate this country for reasons of their own, and the giveaway is how they do not own their own words when challenged, and place it on our backs to sort out.

Itís our fault, right? Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what the Left thinks of you. Unchallenged, their words stick: challenged, its our fault for misreading them.

It is the double standard where the Conservatives are adults held to an adult standard and who catch hell when they violate it, and where the Liberals are the adolescents who get the run of the house with no accountability at all.

This election is a chance to do away with the double standard. With the most leftist of liberals further out of power for the next cycle, they can be reduced to rhetoric and hyperbole and not much more. Without authority of office, they can do a lot less harm than ever before. A lot less filibuster, a lot less argument, parsing and blocking, and generally, a lot less double standard.

Meanwhile, where leftists remain in office and are not ousted, the Left then continues to make the Democrats no longer welcome as a good faith party, and the refusal to step up to denounce the Left within the party shows a unity of purpose incompatible with liberty in America.

This election could be a disaster for the country if the enemy gets ahold of Congress, or it could be a disaster for only the Democrats as a party for the ultimate good of the nation.

Just imagine how the country will go if the Liberals gain control of Congress and other offices. The reason we fight in Iraq, among others, is to keep the Oil as a negotiable world commodity out of the hands of the enemy. If they get their hands on that oil, they might as well be getting cash. Billions in cash.

Our political office at home is the same: we need to vote to keep it out of the hands of the Left, because the Left in America is genuinely against America, and itís time we all acknowledged it.

This Election Day, what will be decided is the decency to come or not to come from officials in office from now on. When busted, Republicans leave, a sort of remedy or recourse for betrayed constituents. Liberals donít resign, and there is no remedy for betrayed constituents.

This Election Day is about decency maybe more than anything else, and a vote for Conservatives is a vote for the kind of decency we need now more than ever before. Yeah, itís relative, I know, but that choice is still rather clear, isnít it?

The vote is for values and personal and professional integrity. Decency.

Itís a chance to destroy the double standard for good. It’s a chance for the decent to come together with a single voice.

Needless to say, get out and vote.

Destroying the double standard for officials: it could happen. And, long overdue, it would be good for the country.

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By John Longenecker on Nov 02, 06
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