Book Review: "Right Answers" by Alan Caruba
By Chip McLean on (Sep 25, 06)

I must confess that I always look forward to reading Alan Caruba’s columns. Reading Caruba reminds me of the old saying that compares public speaking to a skirt—that it should be short enough to hold your interest, but long enough to cover the subject. Alan Caruba’s latest book, Right Answers does exactly that.

The subtitle of the book, “short takes on big issues: separating fact from fantasy” aptly explains the book’s format – a collection of essays that effectively dissect the issues that affect us all.

The essays are grouped into five sections, beginning with “Understanding Islam” – a no- holds-barred look at the “religion of peace” and the “war on terror”. Caruba cites many examples of the violent side of Islam along with demonstrating how our politically correct leaders avoid the true issue at hand. Quoting Caruba:

World leaders have been at pains to say we are engaged in a “war on terror”. No, we are engaged in a war with Islam because Islam has been engaged in a war on everyone who is not a Muslim, while killing quite a few who are.

Other sections of the book include “Eco-Lunacy”, “Immigration or Invasion”, “Destroying Education” and finally “Random Thoughts”.

The immigration section includes the following:

Some have called the Bush administration immigration policies “schizophrenic”, but they are not. Bush’s policies are globalist, the views of someone for whom national borders should be regarded as outmoded while we all join hands in one big, global neighborhood.

Given the reports of a “North American Union” being forged by Bush and other leaders, those words are especially ominous.

But then, getting down to the nitty-gritty is what Alan Caruba does so well. I highly recommend adding Right Answers to your reading list.

By Chip McLean on Sep 25, 06
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