Christianophobia: The Elephant in the Room
By Marsha West on (Sep 22, 06)

Satirizing the radical homosexual agenda.

My ‘orientation’ is to believe in God. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but from the time I can remember, I knew I was a God-person. I didn’t tell my family about my spiritual orientation for a long time because they’re atheists and wouldn’t have understood. When I became a born again Christian I knew I had to come out of my holy huddle and tell them everything. Now I’m living openly as a Christian. Just try and stop me from listening to conservative talk radio!

For me, being a God-person is normal. Maybe I was born with a God gene, maybe not. It doesn’t really matter to me. What does matter is that I’m free to evangelize.

I believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. Many “progressive” Christians don’t agree with me on this, and that’s their choice. Liberals have always been for “choice” especially when choosing how they want certain Bible scriptures interpreted. They also choose to shut people up who don’t agree with them.

Lately Leftists have been railing that Christians are “absolutists” which they consider on par with being a member of the Taliban. Their rants don’t bother me, though. I’m an absolutist and proud of it. And don’t think I’m going away. I intend to push my right-wing agenda down the throats of all Americans. If people don’t like my godly agenda, oh well. I’m an American, after all. I’m a law-abiding, tax paying citizen. I have my rights!

Stand back all you Christianophobes because a host of evangelicals intend to exercise our rights, starting with communicating our struggle against the tide of secular humanism. We will insert ourselves into the government, the judiciary, public education, the workplace and the media. We’re sick and tired of being demonized by the media and demeaned by the Hollywood elite. Evangelicals will assail the public with tragic stories of global Christian persecution. We will come out of our sanctuaries and persuade the entertainment industry to rid the world of all the filth that pervades households with children. Eventually biblical morality instead of sleaze will appear in story lines. Sure, it’s a big undertaking but we’re up to the task!

I know what you’re thinking, “That’ll be the day.” But you just wait. Before you know it there will be Christian-friendly newspapers! What’s more, motion pictures, television programs, commercials, music, radio, etc., will be family-friendly. A liberal will actually play the part of Christian. (Picture, if you will, Rosie O’Donnell playing a Christian homeschool Mom—or a NASCAR Dad!) Faith in Jesus Christ will be accepted and thought of as normal and good. There will come a time when evangelicals find themselves winning coveted awards! Winning a trophy won’t be important, though. Christians would rather win souls to Christ!

Moreover, those who say that “Christianity is a crutch” and characterize all Christians as unintelligent yayhoos will be looked upon as intolerant hate mongers. The word will be out that a Christian’s love and devotion to Christ is not pathological, it’s normal and natural. We can’t help it if we’re drawn to the Son of God.

Forget about your constitutional right to freedom of speech. Christians will work their tails off to get laws on the books that make it a hate crime to say anything against the Christian lifestyle.

Part of the evangelical agenda will be to indoctrinate children into a moral way of life through public schools and the institutions of “higher learning.” We will not allow liberal parents to have a say in what their kids are learning, nor will we stand for their meddling. Who cares if they pay our salary!

Christians have been taking a lot of flack from liberals for modeling healthy love, commitment, and family values. This is wrong thinking! Christians have a right to express their views on morality - and a right to push their moral agenda on others whether they like it or not. America is, after all, a free country.

Christianophopia has no place in a society that prides itself on diversity. People of differing religious beliefs, or no belief at all, should “live and let live.” C’mon liberals, lighten up! You’ve got to get over your fear of Christians. Christianity isn’t contagious. If you get close to a Christian you won’t “catch it.” You may get a touch of Truth, but that’s about it. There’s no conceivable way for you to become a Christian unless you decide to accept Christ.

By Marsha West on Sep 22, 06
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