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Tuesday Jun 01, 2010

In 1995, President Bill Clinton composed and signed an executive order prohibiting CIA officers from utilizing “unsavory characters” as informants? In other words, while gathering information or undergoing covert operations, intelligence officers overseas could not develop “assets” who were themselves terrorists, gunrunners, drug traffickers, organized crime gang leaders and members, or other denizens of the international underworld.

Sartre Commentary
The promises of alternative energy generated from industrial wind turbines are suspect when examined on the facts. The basis for justification for the entire industry is that electricity generated from uneconomical technology is environmentally friendly. The public is supposed to accept higher costs from inefficient and unreliable generation just because it is “green”. Touting wind as a free source of energy is dishonest. This old technology from skyscraper size industrial machines is anything but free. The media seldom reports that industrial wind does not produce cost effective reliable electricity. Cowardly politicians who dare not oppose the industry ignore indisputable and inescapable facts about wind.

Obama's War(s)
Dr. Robert R. Owens

A war here, a war there, everywhere it’s war, war, war.  General Douglas MacArthur wanted to invade China because they offered a safe haven for our enemies during the Korean War.  In testimony before the Senate the first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Omar Bradley said, “It would be the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Today we face endless wars for elusive peace when we can’t secure our own borders.  We’re committed to war in Iraq and Afghanistan; we’ve been rattling sabers in Iran’s direction for years and there’s one more war just for good measure.

I’ll never forget, as a young, brand new mom, burying my dad, a veteran of WWII and the Korean War. The gun-salute, the bugle playing, the folding of the flag that lay on his coffin, the young soldier handing that flag to me...and the tears.

Monday May 31, 2010
Memorial Day Letter
Dave Hoffman

(Editor’s note: This column originally appeared May 30, 2007)
Remembering an old friend, and those who gave their all...

(Read rest of column here.)

The general silence of “conservative” columnists, commentators and publications during the gays in the military debate has been astounding. In an extraordinary column, “Conservative Media Fiddle While the Military Burns,” veteran conservative journalist Robert Knight comments that “...homosexual activists and their allies are muscling through their agenda [through Congress], with nary a peep from the nation’s conservative talking heads,” and that “many conservative opinion leaders have run for the tall grass.”

Memorial Day is too often a day of picnics, beer, trips and family get-togethers, which is all well and good, except for the fact that the entire meaning and purpose of this day has seemingly been overlooked if not forgotten altogether. How could we miss this point?...that this is a day to set aside [to] formally thank those who served our country and gave us our freedom at great sacrifice to themselves. America is now being damned instead of praised, led by the man who occupies The Oval Office who travels the world apologizing for the arrogance of America in protecting our shores.

Special Bulletin: Academic freedom is not a license to commit fraud
“Scientific debates should be played out in the academic arena,” insists University of Virginia environmental sciences professor David Carr. “If Michael Mann’s conclusions are unsupported by his data, his scientific critics will eventually demonstrate this.”

Military Valor and Civilian Shame
Guest: Anthony Stahelski

This forthcoming Memorial Day is a good time to examine our war-fighting policies and their consequences. A key Obama policy is to fight our current wars with an extremely small number of combat personnel who continuously rotate in and out of combat. Overall, approximately 250,000 Americans have actually been in combat in Afghanistan or Iraq, an extremely small number of people to be involved in wars that have lasted almost a decade, especially compared to our total population of over 300 million people.

Sunday May 30, 2010

Sartre Commentary
As difficult as it is for most people to deal with the savage events that shape and manipulate humanity, it is nearly impossible to get the multitude to admit that they are expendable bondage slaves to a global system of hideous design and sinister purpose. The illusion that governments, serve the people is a total denial of history and especially, current events. Human nature requires an eternal struggle against the evil committed in the name of the “public good”. Honesty about their plight under the boot of oppression is too hard to digest. The cause of their captivity refuses to identify their own role and compliance within the cancerous organism that rules the planet.

As the cover up of the Sestak fiasco absorbs more and more of President Obama’s time and energy, one has a vague recollection of a similar crisis involving a senate seat some where in the bowels of the American heartland. A recent crisis it was, if memory serves.

Ever since polls have been taken there have been presidents who encountered disapproval during their terms in office. Usually history exonerates them to some degree. This is not likely to happen with Barack Obama.

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CHCH Feature Articles
Sunday Jun 15, 2008
Burnout — A Refining Fire
Rev. Austin Miles

A Very Personal Testimony
To suddenly find yourself piled up in an ash-heap of burnout is, by its nature, a defining moment. A significant milestone that subtly offers two choices even though no options of choice appear conceivable to the fractured heart. Natural impulse takes control…

Sunday May 04, 2008

In the last paragraph of “The English Patient”, Hana, the protagonist, stands alone in her house and, because hair flies in her eyes, accidentally knocks a glass from the cupboard, smashing it to pieces on the floor. Meanwhile, halfway around the world, Kip, the man she loves, easily catches a fork an inch from hitting the floor that similarly knocked off the dinner table by his daughter…

Saturday Jan 19, 2008

Candle In The Wind
Remembering the moment when I saw through the bombshell’s own shell is a simple pleasure I enjoy each time I hear her name or see her picture or watch one of her old movies on TV…

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