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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obama And The Manure Spreader
ObamaNation item by J. D. Longstreet

Until now, it was flat-out illegal to broadcast government propaganda in the US.  No longer.

If Sharpton’s 100 Cities Goes Violent - Will He be Held Accountable?
Race Card item by Guest: Rev. Michael Bresciani

Will Al Sharpton be held to account for any violence, injuries and deaths that result from his protest gatherings?

“Ima kill dat dumass cracker be racis” black tweet on Zimmerman verdict
MSM/Media Bias item by Frosty Wooldridge

We see a self-induced complete breakdown of the black family unit in America that rivals anything in America’s history.

A Road Paved With “Good Intentions”
Immigration/Border item by Chip McLean

The new Senate bill is all about amnesty and nothing to do with enforcement.

Middle East Insanity
Islam/Jihad item by Alan Caruba

There’s not much I like about President Obama’s policies, but I am beginning to think that his resolve to militarily withdraw the U.S. from the Middle East is likely based on his insights into the Islamic mind.

U.S. & Europe Trade Deal Honeymoon
Trade Policy item by James Hall

All these trade agreements benefit the corporatist insiders and collectivist unionists, who influence the political bribery machine.

Why Doesn’t Planned Parenthood Like Ultrasounds?
Pro-Life item by Kevin Roeten

Where does our gruesome partnership with death end?

Tyranny is as Tyranny Does
Constitution/Republic item by Dr. Robert Owens

What our nation rejected at birth has come full circle to shackle us again.

Ear Tickling, Entertainment, And Irrelevant Exposition
Freedom and Liberty item by Chuck Baldwin

Too many churches today are focused on entertainment and feel-goodism.

Lessons To Learn From the “Arab Spring”
Freedom and Liberty item by Christopher G. Adamo

America is in the process of descending down this very path.

Do God and Evolution Mix?
Religion item by Rev. Austin Miles

True scientists and scholars should be open to any and all possibilities.

Science Proves Leftists Are Wimpy
Satire item by Michael R. Shannon

You certainly wouldn’t want to ask a politically sensitive question of someone who was benching 300 lbs.

Church Conditions in China: A Little Compromise is Acceptable!
Religion item by Guest: Don Boys, PhD

Can church leaders permit any government entity to control them and still be true to the Word of God?

Freedom to Break the Law?
MSM/Media Bias item by Guest: Bradlee Dean

The Zimmerman trial is exposing the outright lies of the main stream media.

Women vs. Men: Who Governs Better?
Political Correctness item by Selwyn Duke

Liberals will say that women have more political sense for a simple reason: women are more liberal.

Is Obama Exploiting Trayvon Martin Death to Trash 2nd Amendment?
Guns/Gun Rights item by John W. Lillpop

Once again Obama shamelessly exploits a death to promote gun control…

Green Energy’s Exorbitant Financial Cost to the Public: Cut or “Invest?”
GreeenIsm item by Marita K. Noon

Despite widespread opposition, President Obama and Governor Patrick are closely allied and working together to push Cape Wind forward for political advantage.

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