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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day?
Veterans item by Dave Hoffman

There were fifteen of us that went over, all young, all Air Force, all with no idea of what we were getting in to. Everyone has heard of the Saigon warriors, those that were stationed at various HQ places, partying at the various clubs, some living “downtown” at apartments with their Vietnamese girlfriends. Then there were those who served out of DaNang, somewhat riskier, more dangerous, more likely to provide a mortar attack or two to liven up an otherwise quiet evening.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memoralizing the Loss of a Great Democracy: Did Our Brave Heroes Die in Vain?
Freedom and Liberty item by John W. Lillpop

This Memorial Day the grieving should be for the tragic loss of an entire nation and the liberties and freedoms which that nation embraced, until now…

Decoration Day
Freedom and Liberty item by Guest: Kelleigh Nelson

Remembrance Day (Memorial Day) is no longer is a day of solemn remembrance of our nation’s loss…

What Progressives Hate About Free Will
Freedom and Liberty item by JB Williams

As long as a society believes it has a God-given right to personal freedom and individual liberty, it can be ruled by no man…

Obama Runs Away from the War on Terrorism
National Security item by Alan Caruba

Obama spent his first term and now his second insisting that al Qaeda has been defeated despite ample evidence that it has not…

Media Once Bitten, Forever Scorn
MSM/Media Bias item by James Hall

Know Nothing Holder is either the minister of incompetence or the sheriff of selective memory…

Now Fact: All aspects ObamaGov Completely Corrupt/Criminal
Scandal item by Sher Zieve

Until recently, the Obama syndicate has been able to keep all aspects of its tyranny under wraps…

Grassroots America Faces A “Lexington” Moment
Scandal item by Christopher G. Adamo

Team Obama remain in full “cover up” mode, and have absolutely no intention of actually cooperating with investigators…

Prince Charles: Too “Green” to Be King?
GreeenIsm item by Dennis T. Avery

Prince Charles’s deeply felt positions on energy are likely to be even less comfortable for a suffering UK public in the years ahead…

Is This Still America?
Freedom and Liberty item by J. D. Longstreet

Younger generations have never experienced a “free” America…

IRS Targeting Not New Says Minister
Police State item by Rev. Austin Miles

It is individuals as well as organizations who are targeted by the IRS…

A Six-Pack of Scandals Could Define and Destroy the Obama Presidency
Scandal item by Marita K. Noon

In addition to the three-widely covered stories, there are three more with the same characteristics…

Obama’s Scandals Rival His Predecessors
Scandal item by Chuck Baldwin

Barack Obama is only the latest President who is known to have abused the power of the IRS…

What Is It About ‘Stereotype’ that the Tea Party Doesn’t Understand?
MSM/Media Bias item by Michael R. Shannon

Media leftists prefer capitalist money influencing elections to blacks escaping the Democrat plantation…

Oncoming Storm May Be Insurmountable
Pork Barrel Spending item by Kevin Roeten

Obama’s policies are a recipe for a “perfect storm” economic disaster…

Immigration-linguistic equation to Amnesty bill S744
Immigration/Border item by Frosty Wooldridge

Lindsey Graham’s claim that learning English is part of the amnesty bill is a complete falsehood…

A Bee in Their Bonnet
GreeenIsm item by Paul Driessen

Anti-pesticide activists falsely blame new pesticides for bee colony problems…

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