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Friday, April 19, 2013

If We Blow It Up Again It Will Blow Up Again
Globalists/NWO item by Dr. Robert Owens

How many times must this Ponzi scheme economy show itself for what it is?

Reporters Admit Ignoring Gosnell Abortion
Pro-Life item by Kevin Roeten

Even though almost nothing is heard from the media about abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, they know what he’s doing…

The Perils of Punditry
General item by Alan Caruba

When one writes daily about the personalities, events and issues of the day, there is a point at which it occurs that you have revisited a particular story before and that is because each successive generation is apparently compelled to visit the same issues and make the same mistakes over and over again…

Shameless Liberal Exploitation of Boston Marathon Bombing
MSM/Media Bias item by Christopher G. Adamo

Leftists are hoping that someone from the “far right” can be implicated in the Boston Marathon bombings…

Locking, Loading, and Preachin’ to the Choir
Guns/Gun Rights item by Dave Hoffman

Obama is making speeches to people who are just as confused about 2nd Amendment rights as he is…

How Rich Rockefellers Battle the People’s Pipeline
GreeenIsm item by Guest: Ron Arnold

Rockefeller billions vs Canadian energy and sovereignty – and US jobs, security and families…

Harry Reid: Battle Over Gun Rights Driven by ‘Imagined Tyranny’
Guns/Gun Rights item by John W. Lillpop

Harry Reid must have a blindfold on if he believes that tyranny is “imagined”...

The Man Who Fired The Shot Heard ’Round The World
Freedom and Liberty item by Chuck Baldwin

In 1775, many preachers were willing to stand up to tyranny…

Umbrella Organizations Always Leave Taxpayers Wet
Politics item by Michael R. Shannon

Sen. Tom Coburn (R–OK), a truly great American, has released his annual report on waste, duplication and redundancy in federal programs. Evidently inspecting catfish is both a vital and difficult task, because it currently takes three different federal agencies to do the job. And as soon as someone can reliably map the location of catfish sex organs, TSA is interested in participating, too…

“School Choice” Threatens Ideological Hegemony
EdukShun item by Robert E. Meyer

Recently a 15 year-old attending school within the Appleton, Wisconsin School District, made both local and national news for alleging that he faced harassment from a teacher for his outspoken political views, which included support for Governor Scott Walker…

Cut Fingers, Cancer, Bats and Birds
GreeenIsm item by Paul Driessen

(Paul Driessen and James H. Rust)
Government bureaucrats delay life-saving road projects, but let wind turbines butcher bats…

Is Warming the “Civilization-Killer”?
Climate Change item by Dennis T. Avery

Author Eugene Linden writes books on the far edge of the environmental movement. He recently wrote, a bit hysterically, in The Daily Beast: “we need leaders with the courage to steamroll the deniers and the vested interests . . . Climate change is a civilization killer, and if we go on down the climate rapids…” I am not sure what “steamrolling entails; but I do know, that the warmer periods are the civilization savers…

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