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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Time to Secede…From the GOP
RINO's item by Chip McLean

While principle holds no value to the GOP elites, popular perception does…

Too Many Battles, Not Enough Bible
Religion item by Michael R. Shannon

The History Channel’s “The Bible” is ten hours long but even that length means much is truncated and condensed…

Are We All Metaphorically Jewish?
Religion item by Alan Caruba

America is rightly called a Christian nation. The new Pope Francis represents 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide. There are 1.5 billion Muslims. There are more than 959 million Hindus and more than 467.5 million Buddhists. The world’s Jews, however, are a scant 14 million or so. The two main locales of their population are Israel and the United States with about six million each.

Ann Coulter and Illegal Aliens
Immigration/Border item by Barbara Anderson

The Republican Party is thinking they have to issue amnesty, because it’s popular in some circles.  One party stalwart says that is the wrong approach.  That would be Ann Coulter.

Why is DHS the Biggest Prepper in America?
Police State item by JB Williams

The FED is stockpiling billions of rounds of ammo, assault weapons and more and won’t answer the question, “Why?”

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Mini-Ice Age has Arrived
Climate Change item by Alan Caruba

Climatologists and meteorologists are familiar with the last Mini Ice Age (MIA) that occurred between 1350 and 1850 AD. It is also referred to as the Little Ice Age. Suffice to say it was cold and, as such weather cycles tend to do, it altered history in a variety of ways.

Should Protestants Be Allowed To Have An Opinion Regarding The New Pope?
Religion item by Frederick Meekins

It has been suggested that it is a tragedy for Evangelicals to pray and fast regarding the new pope as called for by Rick Warren.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CPAC 2013 Stands With Rand
Politics item by Michael R. Shannon

Rand Paul’s message: leaders must defend and abide by the Constitution even when it’s not convenient…

Hiding the Slaughter
GreeenIsm item by Guest: Jim Wiegand

Big Wind hides evidence of turbine bird kills – and gets rewarded. Here’s how they do it…

Blacks versus Illegal Aliens
Immigration/Border item by Barbara Anderson

It is the worst of times.  Twenty million people are out of work.  Of that many, Blacks are 14.4% unemployed and Blacks 16-19 seeking work at 39.7%.  And, yet more want to bring people into our country.  They want more illegals.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Five harsh realities about mass immigration facing Americans
Immigration/Border item by Frosty Wooldridge

Rewarding illegal immigration now sets up conditions for repeated cycles of amnesty…

Every Horrid Thing You Need to Know About How Healthcare is Paid For
ObamaCare item by Alan Caruba

There are many myths about healthcare that have become embedded in our society…

Republic or Empire?
Constitution/Republic item by Dr. Robert Owens

Republics down through history have traded in their freedom for power…

Unmasking the Grim Reaper’s Foot Soldiers
Pro-Life item by Selwyn Duke

Cuomo, Obama, and the rest of the Push-button Baal worshipers are simply moving closer to intellectual consistency as they move further from moral sanity…

The Curse Of The LO/INFO Voter
Progressivism item by J. D. Longstreet

Lo/Info voters are people who may vote, but who are, generally speaking, poorly (or badly) informed about politics…

Woodsy On The Rampage: The Ecology Of Radical Environmentalism
GreeenIsm item by Frederick Meekins

Groups such as Earth First! believe that the earth will be saved via anarchy which will topple modern industrialized technocratic civilization…

Time To Register Books And Put Reasonable Restrictions On The 1st Amendment
Constitution/Republic item by Guest: David M. Huntwork

President Obama and his progressive allies have recently told us that even the most draconian of gun laws must be passed because “If we save even one life from gun violence, it’s worth it.” While that’s an amazingly ignorant, infantile, and even downright silly statement, it does neatly sum up a nanny-state philosophy that is fueling a nationwide assault on the second “shall not be infringed” amendment as well as law-abiding gun owners across the nation.

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