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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Starving Students?
EdukShun item by J. D. Longstreet

I recall a fellow (when was a lad) who had made a deal with the local schools to pick up the school cafeteria food dumped by the students every day.  Back then, at least, the food from a school cafeteria REALLY sucked!  I mean, it was beyond bad…

Liberal birth control policies stuck on stupid
Bird Brain Flu item by Robert E. Meyer

Every time someone writes a piece observing the destruction of the traditional family, you can be assured it will be greeted with the typical chorus of boilerplate ridicule reserved for discussion of family planning issues…

Headline Potpourri #29: Geraldo Republican, Occupy Comics & Rubio’s Sip
General item by Frederick Meekins

Geraldo announced on The O’Reilly Factor that he is a Republican ahead of his possible announcement to run for a U.S. Senate seat in New Jersey.  I wonder how long he has held that conviction.  These are the kinds of milksop candidates you are going to end up with when ethnicity is placed before ideology…

Obama’s Do Nothing Iran Policy
National Security item by Alan Caruba

Since the 1979 Iranian revolution in which American diplomats in Tehran were taken hostage and held for 444 days, the U.S. has had no discernible policy regarding Iran except to talk endlessly about talking with the handful of ayatollahs that have run that prison nation ever since their takeover. The Shah was no choir boy, but he was a reliable ally. Iran has been in a virtual state of war with the U.S. for 34 years…

STATES: A Time for Choosing - A Time for Action
Constitution/Republic item by JB Williams

By now, it should be clear to everyone that the Obama administration is strategically destroying America. For those who don’t like America, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, our sovereign Representative Republic, this is no problem…

Americans don’t want blanket amnesty for illegal aliens
Immigration/Border item by Frosty Wooldridge

While Congress and Obama push for mass amnesty, the American people do not want to be flooded with 12 to 20 million more unskilled, uneducated people ushered into the United States…

Re-Emergence of Eugenics
Society/Culture War item by Kevin Roeten

Planned Parenthod opposes laws allowing a woman to see her baby on ultrasound before an abortion…

Liberal Thinking In Regards To “Safe Schools” Is Ridiculous
Liberal "Solutions" item by Guest: David Huntwork

The logical mind would say that a trained and armed, law-abiding citizen is the one thing that would effectively stand between a school or other vulnerable place being an attractive target to the most sick and twisted among and a tragedy being prevented. Currently schools are little more than a building full of sitting ducks for those who might wish to turn it into a shooting gallery with there being no hope whatsoever of stopping anyone who would decide to vent their frustration with life and society on helpless children.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Gang of Eight Immigration Constituency
Immigration/Border item by James Hall

The illegal immigration invasion has been ongoing for decades. (1) All efforts to shut the door on unrestricted entry are “all hat no cattle”...

God’s Deputy Won’t Talk With Obama!
Middle East item by J. D. Longstreet

We exist in a sphere of truism(s).  A truism is simply something that happens to to be a factual truth.  Nothing can change it—not even a lie… 

Is Obama Pushing for a Civil War?
Freedom and Liberty item by JB Williams

The next Civil War won’t be North vs. South, East vs. West or even Republican vs. Democrat…

John McCain’s “Racist” Joke that Wasn’t
Bird Brain Flu item by Selwyn Duke

Young congress critter needs to get a grip - not to mention a grasp of history…

Losing the Battle with Islam
Islam/Jihad item by Alan Caruba

“Egypt, the largest Arab state, the second largest recipient of U.S. military aid, and our second most important ally in the Middle East, is now in the hands of a hostile regime—an elected one at that—which we continue to treat as a friendly one,” says Raymond Stock in a recent article published by the Middle East Forum.

Obama to Take Action on Snowfall
Satire item by Newsflash by Dongha


Boston Massachusetts, 9 Feb 2013(AP, UPI)

Over two feet of snow has hit this city since last night, causing massive power failures, airport closings, and even highway and train service closings. The White House has commented that the blizzard is mainly due to two factors: Global Warming, and the Bush administration. A White House insider is quoted as saying “President Obama is proposing legislation to ban snowfall with a capacity of more than ten inches”


Obama to drastically cut immigration and border security budgets
Immigration/Border item by Jim Kouri, CPP

Besides President Barack Obama’s executive actions regarding illegal aliens and U.S. immigration policy, without much notice by the GOP and news organizations, drastic reductions are expected within the Department of Homeland Security’s immigration enforcement-related bureaus, said a top protective intelligence and assessment specialist on Monday.

Illegal Aliens Already Have a Country:  Mexico
Immigration/Border item by Barbara Anderson

Obama is getting ready for a big push on illegal immigration.  The only problem is that those illegal aliens already have a country of there own, and it’s NOT America. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A $14 Trillion Extortion for a Global Warming Scam
GreeenIsm item by James Hall

The latest megalomaniacal threat from the financial globalists wants to saddle the world economy with a cost of trillions of dollars that benefits favorite corporatists. The phony global warming cult has a core purpose…

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