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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bloomberg: Dems Behind Housing Scam
Congress Critters item by Guest: Sharon Sebastian

Old news, except it isn’t. Last week, in regard to the devastating housing fraud that helped collapse the U.S. economy, a Reuter’s headline read: “U.S. Sues Bank of America for Alleged Mortgage Fraud.” According to Reuters, Barack Obama’s Justice Department “filed a civil mortgage fraud lawsuit against Bank of America, accusing it of selling thousands of toxic home loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that went into default and caused more than $1 billion of losses.”

Monday, October 29, 2012

Voter Fraud Inevitable from Digital Elections
Elections item by Offsite - Sartre

Technology changes, while human nature remains constant. Voter fraud is a repetitive part of the election experience. The lack of integrity in voting procedures, and more importantly the ballot counting process, causes the gravest concerns and casts substantial doubt on the legitimacy of the entire political system. Eight years ago in a different presidential cycle, the article 2004 - a time to go fishing, asks why do people tolerate this tainted and pseudo election process.

Hurricane Sandy’s Message to America
GreeenIsm item by Alan Caruba

When Mother Nature demonstrates her extraordinary power, I always hope that people will draw a lesson from it, but they never seem to. Hurricane Sandy is just the latest example of the futility and foolishness of thinking that humans can do anything about a hurricane or similar demonstration of who is really in charge. It is the planet. Not us.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Urgent – Death Panels Here, Doctors Plea For Help
ObamaCare item by Guest: Sharon Sebastian

Doctors across America are sick. A new and desperate plight has surfaced in emergency rooms across the nation for both patients and doctors alike. The following blog by one valiant doctor speaks for thousands of doctors being forced to go against their natural instincts and abilities to allow further hospital care and re-admit patients.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Politics Above All Else
GreeenIsm item by Marita K. Noon

Politics above science; politics above economics—together these two philosophies have created “true sustainability.”

Democrats accuse Issa of playing politics with Libyan tragedy
Politics item by Jim Kouri, CPP

On the Sunday news shows it was difficult to tell the difference between the members of the Obama White House and the members of the Obama reelection team, with all of the Democrats uttering the same talking points and blasting House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) release of State Department cables on Friday, according to several intelligence and law enforcement officers.

Everything About Obama’s Presidency Has Been “Not Optimal”
ObamaNation item by J.J. Jackson

Obama’s bailout of certain US auto companies, which we are still losing money on, cannot be considered “optimal” by any objective measure.
Trillion dollar plus deficits for every year since President Obama ascended to on high in Washington, D.C. certainly doesn’t seem very “optimal” either.

Friday, October 19, 2012

How Romney Can KO Obama In Monday Debate
Elections item by JB Williams

The final 2012 presidential debate is scheduled for this coming Monday evening and the subject will be Foreign Policy. This is an area where the Obama Administration has failed more miserably than even their domestic and economic disaster.

Mitt Romney Debates Candy Obama
Elections item by Michael R. Shannon

The Commission on Presidential Debates lowered the altitude for the second contest by 5,200 feet and simultaneously dropped the level of discourse considerably farther. The candidates repeatedly interrupted each other, called one another liars and generally argued at a sixth–grade level. (Good enough for a passing under No Child Left Behind!) Yet in the end Mitt Romney was able to battle the tag team of Barack Obama and Candy Crowley to a draw.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Behind the Benghazi Cover-Up
Scandal item by Offsite

by Pat Buchanan:
On Sept. 11, scores of men with automatic weapons and RPGs launched a night assault on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and set the building ablaze. Using mortars, they launched a collateral attack on a safe house, killing two more Americans, as other U.S. agents fled to the airport.

Candy Crowley Plays Biggest Loser with Obama
MSM/Media Bias item by Selwyn Duke

You might think that with all the recent focus on media bias in debate moderation, Candy Crowley would have minded her p’s and q’s in last night’s presidential debate. But clearly, she doesn’t even know the ABC’s of her job.

Obama’s Latest Con Job On the Military
Military item by JB Williams

Barack Obama is the most generous White House resident in U.S. history, when we are talking about your tax dollars and it suits his political ambitions. Not so much when it is his money we are talking about.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

‘Where are the 5 million green jobs Obama promised?’
GreeenIsm item by Marita K. Noon

In Thursday night’s Vice Presidential debate, the Administration’s green agenda was, once again, part of the verbal sparring. The exchange ended with Congressman Ryan’s unanswered question: “Where are the 5 million green jobs…?” (1) Moderator Martha Raddatz cut him off mid-question, steering the conversation elsewhere: “I want to move on here to Medicare and entitlements. I think we’ve gone over this quite enough.”

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Obama on Biden Debate Performance: “Terrific”
Elections item by John W. Lillpop

The offensive last smirk was barely gone from Joe Biden’s overworked, weary old face when President Obama heaped high praise upon his Veep for rescuing the president from his own sorry flop against Mitt Romney on October 3.

The Great Ethanol Scam
GreeenIsm item by Alan Caruba

The rocketing costs of gasoline and the price of corn being paid worldwide are the result of U.S. government mandates requiring the inclusion of ethanol in the gasoline all Americans must use. The time has long since passed to eliminate ethanol from this primary fuel.

‘Gargoyle Joe Is Your Debate Firewall?’
Elections item by Michael R. Shannon

What does it say about a campaign when its hope for putting a stop to a precipitous decline in the polls is Joe Biden? Last night fireman Joe was at his pompous, bloviating best in the Vice President Debate with Cong. Paul Ryan. The most memorable line in his paper thin, fact–free rebuttals came when Biden looked directly at the camera and asked viewers, “Who are you going to believe? Me, or your lying eyes?”

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Biden’s Strategy: Be a Jerk
Elections item by Selwyn Duke

Is there a human being on this Earth more obnoxious than Joe Biden?

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