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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Executive Orders
Constitution/Republic item by Dr. Robert Owens

The problem with social engineering is that the engineers don’t know how to drive the train.  More like a complicated machine than a single celled organism society is a collection of individuals.  Human nature decrees that freedom of choice is an inherent part of our social DNA therefore a healthy society is one built upon the choices and decisions freely arrived upon by the individuals who make up the whole.  It is the self-interest and self-direction of these choices which build into the productive life of a free society.

Christianity’s Triumph
Religion item by Alan Caruba

“By far the most important event in the entire rise of Christianity was the meeting in Jerusalem in around the year 50, when Paul was granted the authority to convert Gentiles without them also becoming observant Jews.”

‘A Christmas Miracle?’
American Heritage item by Chuck Baldwin

A few years ago, I sadly discovered that it was next to impossible to find our nation’s great historic documents together in one volume, so we decided to fix that problem. It took us a full year to research and compile over 50 of our country’s javascript:promptTag(“link”);greatest historical documents, but we did it!

Leftist Factions Co-opt Rather Than Abolish Holidays
Society/Culture War item by Frederick Meekins

For about the past two decades, those to the left side of the sociopolitical spectrum have made such a fuss over their hostility towards traditional American holidays and celebrations that the arising disputations have themselves become an anticipated aspect of the close of each year.  It was claimed such festivities promote values so vile that these sentiments must be expunged from the civic calendar and the very names seldom mentioned for fear of irrevocably harming those not participating for whatever the reason.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Putting the Paste Back in the Tube
Welfare State item by Dr. Robert Owens

We all know that trying the same thing over and over expecting different results is a popular definition of insanity.  And we also know that putting the paste back in the tube is a popular illustration of an impossible task.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Most Boring Celebrities of 2011
Satire item by Alan Caruba

“Charlie Sheen is the poster boy for doing everything possible to ruin one’s life,” says Alan Caruba, founder of The Boring Institute, naming him the biggest celebrity bore of the year, number one on its annual list.

Elections item by John LeBoutillier

Six weeks from Tuesday – January 10, 2012 – is the New Hampshire Primary. That day – and night – will be the end of Mitt Romney’s six-year quest to become President of the United States.

Jupiter Gives a Prelude to Global Warming
Science item by Kevin Roeten

Exoplanet (for astronomers) is simply any planet not in this solar system.  Are any in that “goldilocks zone”, which give the capability of harboring life as we know it? Can we even see it, given its immense distance?

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