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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bursting of the ObamaMania Bubble—Except Among Sleeper Cells and Illegal Aliens!
ObamaNation item by John W. Lillpop

Just 36 short months ago, Barack Obama was touted as the greatest thing to visit humankind since the invention of microwave popcorn and other high-technology marvels which continue to amaze and fatten.

Rick Perry To Be GOP Presidential Nominee
Elections item by J. D. Longstreet

OK.  So my tongue WAS firmly fastened in my cheek when I wrote the title to this piece.  But, I have to tell you that signs are pointing to Perry becoming the GOP nominee and eventually President of the US.

ALERT:  Congressional Black Caucus ObamaThugs Calls for Race War to keep Obama in power
Race Card item by Sher Zieve

Since usurping the US presidency, the Marxist-Leninist Obama syndicate has committed treason after treason upon the USA and its people.  Note:  See my past columns for more information.  Now, however, it is moving into the next and, as predicted, extreme violence phase…

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Rhetorical Envelope
Elitists item by Larry Wilke

Every once and a while, the “Enviro-blimp”, the progressive poster boy of poppycock, gets a bit miffed that he isn’t in the news anymore.  Mencken once postulated that all presidential losers should be hanged and in the case of Al Gore, considering the time since he LOST the election and what he has done with it, the idea certainly merits consideration..

Irene brings the importance of energy to light
Energy item by Marita K. Noon

“Coal is making us sick. Oil is making us sick.” So said Senator Harry Reid. As the entire East Coast faced a fierce Irene, the lunacy of Reid’s statement was brought to light.

“Mouse” Traps Readers Into Lively Romp With a Rodent
Book/Movie Review item by Rev. Austin Miles

It is rare for an eBook to be reviewed, but this compelling Barnes and Noble offering is such a treat for the mind and eyes that it would be a disservice not to alert readers to such a magnificent little work that is such a joy to read. Cathy Taibbi knows how to tell a good story. She is a born novelist.

The Economic See-Saw
Economics item by Guest: Anthony Stahelski

Numerous recent articles have discussed the precarious state of our middle class. Polling results and economic statistics are cited by pundits to support their conclusion: The American middle class is declining. Various causes of this decline are listed, such as: the bursting of the housing bubble in 2007-08; the overall financial meltdown in 2008-09; economic and tax policies that favor speculative non-job creating investments; free trade policies that encourage foreign imports; and the ongoing export of American manufacturing jobs overseas.

God truly has shed His grace on thee America
Religion item by Admin

God is always imparting His grace. Even in the midst of tragedy and suffering.  But what if a nation turns its back on that grace and hurts the heart of God? Does He stand idly by and allow for sin to mount and we not give an account at all for our deeds?

Monday, August 29, 2011

GreeenIsm item by Larry Wilke

As what’s left of Irene trundles up the East Coast, the nattering knuckleheads of the “globaloney warming” hilarity have found this to be the perfect opportunity to revive that which should have been dead long ago..  Since a “major” hurricane hasn’t hit the U.S. in years, the opportunity for the inherent over-exaggeration that accompanies EVERYTHING near and dear to the liberals black hearts is an opportunity that should not be missed out upon from their perverted perspective..  Nor was it..

Avoid Trade War? We’re Already in One!
Trade Policy item by Ian Fletcher

Whenever protectionists like myself demand that the U.S. government do something to stand up for America in global trade, we are shouted down with the stern admonition, “You’ll start a trade war.” I wish.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rethinking Myself…
Demercrats item by Larry Wilke

A few days ago, a “thought” passed through my fingers entitled, “Sad Or Happy”.  Within those paragraphs of sarcasm and information (not necessarily in that order..) I postulated that Dhimmi Carter had to be the happiest person around.  I believe that I need to rethink that thought…

“Cloud” Matters
GreeenIsm item by Dennis T. Avery

Regular readers of this column will recall our prediction (July 19th) of a climate debate bombshell in the form of Denmark’s Henrik Svensmarks’ theory on clouds, cosmic rays and the earth’s temperature standing up to intensive laboratory scrutiny. We also predicted that the results would not be welcomed those who have a vested interest in man-made warming.

Freedom is as Freedom Does
Freedom and Liberty item by Dr. Robert Owens

Is there any one political or economic system that God wants everyone to follow?  I do not believe God has ordained any one type of government or economy as the divinely ordained path. The only government He ever instituted was a kingdom with Himself as the king and that was rejected by His own people when they instead wanted to be like the people who surrounded them.  And even though God had His prophets warn them that this earthly king would take their lands, their children, their goods and their freedom they persisted in rejecting a divine King for kings who would claim divine rights.

A Weather Newsgasm
ClimateGate item by Alan Caruba

What major weather events and especially earthquakes tell us is that we live on planet Earth on its terms, not ours. Put another way, we don’t “control” the weather or climate and, despite decades of global warming lies, compared to the sun and oceans, we don’t even influence it. The best definition of the weather is “chaos.” It will do whatever it wants to do.

Newsflash: Obama’s Hurrican Irene Plan
Satire item by Offsite

From the CHCH Forum…“Newsflash by Dongha”...
Martha’s Vineyard 26 Aug 2011 (AP, UPI)

In a statement issued during his vacation, President Obama promised to do “everything possible” to provide federal assistance to those states along the Eastern Seaboard with Democratic Governors…

Spreading “Big Oil subsidy” disinformation
Energy item by Paul Driessen

Meanwhile real subsidies are driving real businesses, energy and jobs out of America…
Every American manufacturing company gets tax deductions that help it create jobs and strengthen our economy – whether it produces newspapers, furniture, cars or fuel. Eliminating those deductions would increase unemployment and further slow our nation’s desperately needed economic recovery.

Liberal Media Forces Homosexuality Agenda Down America’s Throat
Gay Agenda item by Lloyd Marcus

Please, please, please understand, as we said in the 60s, “where I’m coming from”. This article is NOT about bashing homosexuals. I have homosexual family and friends whom I love very much. However, I found David Gregory’s attack on Michele Bachmann for comments she made regarding homosexuality to be extremely disturbing and offensive. Bachmann is a Christian and simply compassionately espoused the biblical point of view.

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