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Saturday, April 30, 2011

America’s Fate Under Chinese Hegemony:  a Review of Eamonn Fingleton’s ‘Jaws of the Dragon’
Trade Policy item by Guest: Ian Fletcher

The news has recently hit the press that China’s economy, measured on the purchasing-power basis that adjusts for price differences between nations, may surpass the U.S. in only another five years or so. Surprisingly, China has still shown no signs of morphing into the cuddly liberal and democratic nation, devoted to American ways from Coca-Cola to democracy, whose eventual appearance has been assumed by American policy for thirty years now.

The Special Candidate
Politics item by John LeBoutillier

There is genuine despair on the Right. More and more Republicans and conservatives see President Obama’s re-election as a disaster for the future of the United States – yet feel powerless to stop it unless we find a special candidate to unite the shattered Right/GOP/Tea Party Movement, win over independents and then defeat Mr. Obama.

Carbon and carbon dioxide: Clearing up the confusion
Climate Change item by Paul Driessen

Let’s restore common sense to our public policy debates on energy and climate…
We are constantly bombarded with information – much of it inaccurate, misleading, even deliberately so.

The Unshakable Appeal Of A Trump Candidacy
RINO's item by Christopher G. Adamo

If establishment Republicans have their way, the history of 1995 and 1996 will repeat itself, which portends that despite their enormous mid-term gains, Barack Obama will be reelected in 2012. While this is an appalling possibility to the mainstream of the country, those at the innermost circles of Republican hierarchy nevertheless seem determined to deny the American people a real alternative to the acceleration of government bloat and encroaching socialism from the political left. Thus they give credibility to the abhorrent and extra-constitutional actions of the Democrats and Obama since his inauguration.

Lawrence O’Donnel is the Biblically Ignorant One!
Taxes item by Doug Edelman

Since almost nobody watches Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC, it’s a pretty safe bet that you either haven’t seen his recent scriptural dissertation – or if you did, it was because someone shared it with you on Facebook!

‘Was W. Eligible to Serve as President?’
Satire item by John W. Lillpop

Listening to the likes of Bob Scheiffer, Chris Matthews, David Letterman, Whoppi Goldberg and other left-wing moon bats rant and rave about Donald Trump and his racism,one cannot help but wonder what the media would have been saying back in 2000 if President-elect George W. Bush’ birth certificate popped up as an issue.

New Sheriff in Town Ann Barnhardt:  Fearless against Islam and the Obama Syndicate
Interview item by Sher Zieve

A couple of weeks ago, a friend sent me a video of a lady who not only speaks up against the oppression of Islam and the Obama syndicate but, is not afraid to have her singularly articulate views placed before the entire world.  Therefore, I contacted her.  As you will see below, Ann is fearless.

Cuba and Geritol Communism
Communism item by Paul Ibbetson

Cuba, America’s little communist island neighbor to the south is doing a little bit of government restructuring. Fidel Castro has just finished the last stage of what has been an incremental step-down from power. In 2006, Fidel Castro handed over temporary power to his brother Raúl while the Communist dictator underwent a series of intestinal surgeries. In 2008, Raúl Castro was appointed as president of Cuba but the process was only recently finalized when Cuban President Raúl Castro selected José Ramón Machado as the second in command.

Importing Disaster: Demographic Changes Mean Democrat Future
Immigration/Border item by Selwyn Duke

At a gathering some years ago, I had a political conversation with a man who had recently arrived here from Denmark.  He was advocating his home country’s socialist system, which, of course, led to profound disagreement.  He was good natured and cordial, however, so the debate ended on a polite note.  Yet it also ended on an ironic one: When asked if he wanted to return home, his answer was no.

‘What’s a Widget Worth?’
Inflation item by Dr. Robert Owens

What’s a widget worth?  Who determines the price of widgets?  Is there an answer to the escalating cost of widgets?

The Tea Parties Now Have Their Man
Tea Party item by Chuck Baldwin

After I wrote my last column, several Tea Party activists contacted me to let me know that they had not been “neoconned.” They made it plain in no uncertain terms that they would never support establishment neocon Republicans such as Newt Gingrich for the office of President of the United States. Most assuredly, I was glad to hear from these folks; I only wish my mail box had been swamped with such correspondence—it wasn’t!

‘What would happen if the United States Stopped Importing Oil?’
Energy item by Guest: Anthony Stahelski

In the short run Americans would suffer if we stopped importing oil. Considering that we import 65 percent of our oil, an import stoppage would produce, at a minimum, a repeat of the 1970s oil embargo experience. Gas prices would at least triple, gas lines would form, and either market-driven or government imposed gas rationing would occur.  Furthermore, an oil import stoppage could turn the Great Recession into the Second Great Depression. Therefore this seems like an incredibly stupid idea.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MilesTones: Jobs Creation Rises Dramatically!
Satire item by Rev. Austin Miles

Obama has made good on his promises of job creation which will spike a rise in the economy.  Indeed, a short time after the last election, many new republican congresspersons and senators were hired, which began to bring the economy under control. So his plan is working!  Here is a partial list of current job listings including this job of the week:  Help Wanted: Air traffic controllers to work in major cities throughout The United States. Insomniacs given preferential status….

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Storm Before The Calm
Liberal "Solutions" item by Larry Wilke

Isn’t it kind of wonderful that Obama has become a sort of progressive piñata?  Isn’t it more than predictable that he has morphed into the White House Whiner?  The Marxist Maginot Line constructed around the elephantine ego of Obama has been breached by his own liberal lemmings and the “impartial” media, just temporarily though..  In the end, all will be well within these collectivist camps once it becomes time to cast the usual illegal ballots by the boxes that invariably are part of every liberal political “victory”..

The Middle East Mess
Middle East item by Alan Caruba

Anyone such as myself who lived through the long years of the Vietnam quagmire knows that the United States is repeating the same errors in the Middle East that we did with that nation. We seem incapable of recognizing a civil war when we see one and incapable of not inserting ourselves in the midst of it.

Eyes Wide Shut
Sports/Leisure item by Diane M. Grassi

MLB & Wall Street Lay Bets At Same Table
As all-time Hit King, Peter Edward Rose, celebrates his 70th year, it would seem only appropriate to at least wish Pete a “Happy Birthday!,” on behalf of his still legions of Major League Baseball (MLB) fans.

Friday, April 22, 2011

‘Hope and Change Downgraded to “Get Used to It”?’
ObamaNation item by John W. Lillpop

Just three short years ago, Barack Obama captured the White House with a slick smile, a distracted media, $750 million dollars, and a “Hope and Change” mantra that froze millions into believing that anything was possible.

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