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Friday, December 31, 2010

DREAM Act faces dim future in House, but…
Immigration/Border item by Jim Kouri, CPP

The GOP takeover of the House of Representatives in the New Year is worrying some members of the Latino population and left-wing activists who were hoping the much-touted DREAM Act would pass and become a first step in achieving amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finally We All Agree
Progressivism item by Dr. Robert Owens

Progressive policies don’t work.  Everyone, even Progressives agree that their vast array of policies and the programs they always birth don’t work. That the provocateurs of these endless policy schemes agree that they don’t work is proven by the fact that these same Progressives constantly seek to revise, revamp, and expand every program they ever impose.  If they were working why is there a need for continuous upgrades?

The Missing Link in the Evolution of Barack Obama
ObamaNation item by Selwyn Duke

One of the problems with the idea of “American exceptionalism” is that it exacerbates a kind of complacency common to man.  This is the phenomenon whereby people often view themselves as exceptions, saying, after some tragedy, for instance, something such as “I never thought it could happen to me.”

Enemy Within The Gates
Freedom and Liberty item by Chuck Baldwin

As surely as William Barret Travis drew a line in the sand at the Alamo, a line is being drawn in the hearts of men today. By the time it is over, every man and woman in America will have to choose which side of the line they are on. Neutrality will not be an option. Furthermore, this line is separating, not only political and cultural adversaries, it is dividing friends and families as well. In fact, it is no hyperbole to say that the enemy is not only AT the gates; the enemy is WITHIN the gates. Then again, I suppose that during any momentous turning point of history, it has always been this way. And make no mistake about it: we are at a momentous turning point of history.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nullification in 2011!
Constitution/Republic item by Alan Caruba

The great issue of our times is the same great issue of the 1830s. The question is whether Congress can pass legislation or the President issue executive orders that are not authorized by or consistent with the Constitution?

Terror bombings: US Embassies placed on high alert
National Security item by Jim Kouri, CPP

As a result of the Christmas season bombings of the Ukrainian, Swiss and Chilean embassies in Rome, Italy, the U.S. State Department directed all U.S. Embassies to review security protocols including procedures for screening and opening mail.

‘Will Jon Stewart Stand up to Radical Islam?’
MSM/Media Bias item by Cliff Kincaid

Liberal funny man Jon Stewart is being praised by The New York Times as a giant of the journalism profession for having done a serious show about 9/11 first responders and sparking interest in a bill to pay for their health care costs. Senate Democrats tried to rush the bill through the lame-duck session at the last minute, without concern for cost and extravagant attorneys’ fees, and Stewart decided to jump on the bandwagon. He condemned Republicans for opposing the bill and called them “worst responders.”

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Cancun climate con
ClimateGate item by Guest: Duggan Flanakin

The UN seeks to redistribute wealth, while CFACT works to reduce “energy poverty”...
As conference delegates shivered in Cancun during its coldest weather in 100 years, power-hungry elitists labored behind the scenes to implement the real goal of this “global warming” summit, this sixteenth Conference of the Parties (COP-16), this clever political con job.

Muslim Complaint Ends Pledge in Idaho School!
Political Correctness item by Rev. Austin Miles

(Boise Idaho 12/27/10)  When one thinks of the State of Idaho, visions of tradition, patriotism, apple pie and picket fences refreshingly comes to mind. Oops—also potatoes. However those days seem to have screeched to an abrupt stop, ending the last vestige of the America we once knew and loved. As kids return to school after Christmas break, one school will have a zero-tolerance Pledge policy.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Making Predictions for 2011
General item by Alan Caruba

In ancient times a soothsayer could make a good living divining the meaning of chicken bones and shiny pebbles. The modern version is usually some journalist who, looking back over his shoulder, decides he can predict the future. These are often the same people who fail to predict the outcome of elections, sports team rankings, and, of course, the weather.

Not So Fast
National Security item by Larry Wilke

While America’s progressive poltroon and his family splash away in the warm and inviting waters of Hawaii on the taxpayers dime, one of his much heralded “accomplishments” from his talking points/press conference from yesterday has hit what he may feel is a snag..  Those with actual “experience” in the affairs of the world and especially those with “experience” in the “go ahead and lie to me” wording within ANY document signed with ANY other “nation” weren’t as impressed as Obama was with his “accomplishment”..  Then again, no one will ever be more impressed with Obama than Obama..

Unto Ye Is Born a Community Organizer, Come to Save the World!
Satire item by John W. Lillpop

August 4, 1961. A day that will live in infamy along with December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Season Of Progressives
Progressivism item by Larry Wilke

Democratic denial is in full bloom and if the liberals possessed the human trait of embarrassment, or ANY human trait for that matter, their faces would be as red as their communist hearts..  Leading the puerile pack is the fascist’s frequent flyer or would that be their frequent LIAR?  Yes another two days have passed, so it is time to be off on yet another taxpayer funded “vacation” to Hawaii.  Mrs. Medusa and their saplings are already over in paradise, costing the middle class that Obama allegedly “cares” so much about, at least $65,000.00 a day.  Reality check for Obama: Your family is costing more to “vacation” in ONE DAY than the average middle class person earns in income in ONE YEAR..

Why Are Democrats Smarter Than Republicans
Demercrats item by Dr. Robert Owens

The headline says it all, “Obama told lawmakers not passing tax deal could end presidency…” The White House was quick to deny the truth of the statement attributed to a Democratic lawmaker going the extra mile to say the President had never spoken to Representative DeFazio in effect calling him a liar.  However, the general consensus among Washington watchers is that the Congressman told the truth and the White House told the lie.  Up is down, down is up and so goes life in the capitol of the Empire.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Headlines Are Wrong: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Has Not Been Repealed
Gay Agenda item by Cliff Kincaid

The headlines said that the Pentagon’s homosexual exclusion policy had been repealed. “‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ is repealed by Senate; bill awaits Obama’s signing,” was the headline over the front page article in The Washington Post by Ed O’Keefe. But the article went on to note, in the 22nd paragraph, that top military leaders must find or certify that changes to the current policy “must not affect troop readiness, cohesion or military recruitment and retention.” How is this possible when Marine Commandant General Jim Amos has already said that the changes would cost lives?

Dream Act mutating America out of itself
Immigration/Border item by Frosty Wooldridge

Like Halloween, the Dream Act returned last Saturday at the hands of the Head Hob Goblin Senator Harry Reid.  While the main “Witch of the House” Speaker Nancy Pelosi brought it back like a vampire in training—Hob Goblin Reid tossed it into the ring to see which fools might take a bite of the contaminated apple.

Hype versus reality on Indian climate change
ClimateGate item by Guest: Willie Soon and Selvaraj Kandasamy

Long-term perspectives support natural, cyclical variation – not manmade disasters…
The Cancun global warming and wealth redistribution summit concluded last week, with little to show for two weeks of talking in 5-star hotels and restaurants, other than vague promises that countries will try to do something meaningful about the “threat” of “dangerous” climate change.

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