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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Old Girl’s Club
Supreme Court item by Alan Caruba

I would be more depressed regarding the nomination of Elena Kagan to be a Supreme Court Justice were it not for George W. Bush’s nomination of Harriet Myers. That caused such a firestorm of rebuke that she withdrew herself from consideration. The same should be done for the ideologue that Obama has nominated, but it won’t.

Once Again, 3rd- World Mexico Fails the Democracy Test
Immigration/Border item by John W. Lillpop

Mexican President Felipe Calderon needs to get his priorities straight, and in a hurry. This is so because while the muddled Mexican was lecturing the American Congress about democracy and the rule of law in Arizona, his beloved Mexico continued to fall further into the grips of drug cartels, corruption, and violence.

Obama and the “Internet Kill Switch!”
Freedom and Liberty item by J. D. Longstreet

We saw this coming years ago and warned that if Obama was elected he and the Socialist/Democrats would make a strong effort to take over the Internet.

How About an Honest Discussion on Global Economics
Economics item by JB Williams

There is no shortage of disastrous behaviors in Obama’s District of Corruption today, but among the most fatal practices is that of refusing to discuss our many challenges in an open, honest and forthright manner.

A Nation at the Crossroads
Immigration/Border item by Alan Burkhart

There was a time when America was a nation that, for the most part at least, respected its own laws. Those days seem to be fading. In more recent times laws seem to be open to interpretation by whoever happens to be in power at the time. The rapidly heating debate over illegal immigration is the most obvious example of how our laws are misinterpreted and even ignored outright by those in power.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Internet Must Remain Free
Freedom and Liberty item by Chuck Baldwin

The Internet is abuzz with news that a US Senate committee has approved a bill that apparently gives the President authority to shut down the Internet. According to TechWorld.com, “A US Senate committee has approved a wide-ranging cybersecurity bill that some critics have suggested would give the US president the authority to shut down parts of the Internet during a cyberattack.”

“Toxic Obama” - the latest failed Presidency
ObamaNation item by James Hall

Sartre Commentary
Can you say - Jimmy Carter II? At the risk of insulting the peanut grower, the impostor with suspect naturalization credentials is poised to top the nightmare of the one term Trilateral Commission buffoon. Barack Hussein Obama’s plantation expertise surpasses the gentleman planter. Must be natural, coming from the genetic markers that fertilize the fields of human thralldom . . . This Manchurian Marxist foreigner, trained in the black art of subversion and Orphic worship thinks he is a candidate for elevation to messiah.  Never a sentence is uttered where I, the first-person, singular personal pronoun is not central to the thought.

The Biggest Flip-flop Yet…John McCain
RINO's item by Barbara Anderson

John McCain has perpetrated the flip-flop of the century. McCain has never been in favor of borders. He likes illegal aliens. Now, he has flipped again. Only now he is for the Arizona law.

It’s The Media, Stupid!
MSM/Media Bias item by Lloyd Marcus

After being interviewed as a guest on two radio programs back-to-back, I was angry and frustrated. I had to endure radio talk show hosts and callers who have never attended a tea party, tell me how racist the rallies are. Not only will this false accusation of racism not go away, it appears to be growing stronger.

Why Obama is Sabotaging U.S. Economic Growth
ObamaNation item by Guest: Zubi Diamond

If the financial reform bill passes, the bad Wall Street will win, the good Wall Street will not. And investors and American families will lose.

Schwarzenegger Flexes Muscle for Moscow While Obama Ignores Warnings From Russian Dissidents
National Security item by Offsite

From International News Analysis Today
California governor, and former film superhero, Arnold Schwarzenegger has pledged to lead a trade mission to Russia and assist “in any way possible” Russia’s drive to develop its own high tech “Silicon Valley.” U.S. president Barack Obama has also promised his backing in facilitating the flow of U.S. technology to Russia.

Hugo Chavez, Oliver Stone Give Socialism a Bad Name
Socialism item by Cliff Kincaid

As Hollywood director Oliver Stone releases his pro-Hugo Chavez film, “South of the Border,” the Socialist International (SI) reports that the oil-rich Venezuelan ruler is suppressing dissent, interfering with freedom of the press, mismanaging the economy, and threatening peace in the region.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Republicans can Win or Lose November Elections - THIS WEEK!
Politics item by JB Williams

There is only one time in U.S. history when the U.S. economy was in worse shape than it is today. It was 1946, when the national debt hit a whopping 121.25% of GDP.

Why Does Naming of Hurricanes Exclude Muslim Names?
Satire item by John W. Lillpop

Sheila Jackson-Lee, Democrat member of the U.S. House from Texas, created somewhat of a row a few years ago when she chided bureaucrats who name hurricanes for failing to give African-American names equal time.

Equality is Never Equal
Progressivism item by Dr. Robert Owens

Equality is a sacred word in the modern American lexicon.  It’s the politically correct positive to the negative of discrimination.  There’s a philosophy known as Egalitarianism based upon a belief in human equality in all social, political, and economic affairs.  This philosophy advocates the removal of all inequalities among people.  Egalitarianism is one of the foundational principles of the Progressives currently controlling the government of the United States.

Al-Qaeda and FARC: The Unholy Alliance
National Security item by Jim Kouri, CPP

The Bush Administration’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine General Peter Pace,  warned members of the Senate Armed Services Committee that members of radical Islamic groups were active in South America recruiting and training terrorists. Yet, the Democrat-controlled Senate ignored Gen. Pace’s warning.

While The Nation Screams Protect The Borders – Democrats Troll For Votes
Immigration/Border item by Thomas D. Segel

For months all of America has been calling out to Washington…“Protect us, secure our borders.”  The only answers the people have received from the Democrat Administration and Congressional Majority is…“The only way we can do that is with amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform!”  In English that translates into “The only way we can do this is for you to help us secure a future Hispanic voting bloc.”

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