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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is Racial Discrimination Against White Farmers a “Hate Crime?”
Race Card item by John W. Lillpop

Shirley Sherron was an official with the USDA in Georgia until Monday when she was allowed to resign following release of a video which shows her boasting of discrimination against white farmers.

Arizona Fighting Back Against Obama Onslaught
Immigration/Border item by Jim Kouri, CPP

Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense today announced that National Guard deployments to the Southwest border will begin on August 1 “to combat the transnational criminal organizations that smuggle weapons, cash and people across our Southwest border.”

Shrimp Farming Has Grown Up
GreeenIsm item by Dennis T. Avery

n the 1980s, poor rice farmers in Asia and Latin America began digging out shrimp ponds to meet the soaring world demand for seafood. The environmental movement was, perhaps justifiably, aghast. The shrimp farmers had cut down lots of mangrove trees to make room for the ponds. Also, the effluent from the shrimp ponds was substantial, though we have to remember the ocean’s ability to dilute and disarm pollution quickly.

Racism in the Tea Party or a ‘tempest in a tea pot?’
Tea Party item by Robert E. Meyer

To many political observers, it probably appeared that the Tea Party movement came out of the woodwork or even thin air. But the roots of the movement go back before then.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tea Party Leaders Too Easily Put On The Defensive—Stop it!
Tea Party item by Lloyd Marcus

Who on earth could be calling me at 5:30am? It was CNN. After apologizing for the early call, the producer, almost giddy with excitement, said tea party spokesperson, Mark Williams made, “what some would call”, a racist comment on his blog about the NAACP.

The Botox Fix for a Sovereign Debt Burst
Economics item by James Hall

Sartre Commentary
How can a country be sovereign if their government must borrow money to pay their bills? Worse yet, in order to create money the State must go to the central bank and pay interest for every new currency that is created out of thin air. The two key elements that explain the absurd foundation of the global debt pyramid are simple, 1) Fractional Reserve Banking. 2) Legal Tender Laws.

McCain’s Phony Conservatism Slammed by Cops
RINO's item by Jim Kouri, CPP

In a disappointing poll on Fox News Channel, Arizona Senator John McCain is enjoying a comfortable lead over his primary opponent J.D. Hayworth, who garnered the support of the Tea Party movement and most conservative organizations.

Bin Laden Is Laughing
National Security item by Nancy Morgan

Terrorists the world over are laughing into their turbans and praising Allah five times a day for the naive Americans who were responsible for electing Barack Hussein Obama as president of the U.S. And they’re giving a special thanks to the American media, specifically, the Washington Post, for giving them all the information they need to target the security agencies created in response to 9-11.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ridding Ourselves of Obama
ObamaNation item by Alan Caruba

“The hope that fired up the election of Barack Obama has flickered out, leaving a national mood of despair and disappointment. Americans are dispirited over how wrong things are and uncertain they can be made right again. Hope may have been a quick breakfast, but it has proved a poor supper.”—Mortimer Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, US News & World Report, July 2, 2010

It’s Really About Controlling Our Lives
GreeenIsm item by Paul Driessen

“Low carbon fuel standards” mean higher costs, few environmental benefits and less liberty…
Within days, Majority Leader Harry Reid intends to bring sweeping energy and climate legislation to the Senate floor. He won’t call it cap-and-trade or cap-tax-and-trade, and certainly not a carbon tax.

Exactly What “Mess” Did Your Policies Save Us from, Mr. President?
ObamaNation item by John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama may not be much of a president, but the man does have a hysterical sense of comedy, if one fancies gallows humor, that is. Obama’s latest stand-up gag involves the bit about the fall elections. According to the prez the mid-term votes could come down to “a choice between the policies that got us into this mess and my policies that got us out of this mess.” Excuse me?

It Is Time To Be Rid Of “Anchor Babies”
Immigration/Border item by J. D. Longstreet

The term Anchor Babies” is used to identify babies born in the US from illegal alien mothers. Under the Immigration Act of 1965, those babies can, at the age of 21, bring in their family as permanent residents of the US.

Black Shares 5 Eyewitness Examples Proving Tea Parties Not Racist
Tea Party item by Lloyd Marcus

I’m black tea party patriot Lloyd Marcus. I have attended over 200 tea parties nationwide as a spokesperson and performing my “American Tea Party Anthem” on the Tea Party Express.

Watchmen on the Walls
Constitution/Republic item by Dr. Robert Owens

As a Professor of History I can understand why most people dismiss History as boring.  It is usually presented as a static jumble of dates, names and events that must be memorized, regurgitated and with luck forgotten.  I have often marveled at the ability of students who can tell me how many points their favorite athlete scored in a mid-season game ten years ago or how many horsepower their favorite driver had under the hood five seasons back can’t seem to remember the relationship or the difference between the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution.

ID-10T And PEBKAC Errors To Blame In Toyota Acceleration Problems
Government item by J.J. Jackson

Imagine if you will, a bunch of people claim to have a car that has a problem.  For the sake of argument we will call this problem “unintended acceleration” where the car takes off like a bat out of Hell for no conceivable reason.  And imagine if you will that the company who makes these cars is in direct competition with car manufacturers partially owned and invested in by the federal government.  For the sake of argument we will call these companies owned by the government GM and Chrysler and the company having this “problem” Toyota.  Further imagine that the people having these episodes of “unintended acceleration” swear up and down that this was caused by no fault of their own and that the car they were driving simply sped up by its own demonic will.

Boycott The Boycotters
Society/Culture War item by Frederick Meekins

Most Americans are no doubt aware of the tragedy of the oil slick coating the Gulf Coast from the damaged petroleum rig.  What they might not be aware of is the attitude among elites of how we as citizens and consumers are simply to go along with whatever position they craft as a response regarding the matter.

Conceived Overpopulation one reason DDT Perished
GreeenIsm item by Kevin Roeten

Humans killing humans. It’s happened in the past, and will likely happen in the future. One of the most prolific baby-killing machines has been the banning of the man-made chemical [dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane]. Billions know it by its acronym—“DDT”.

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