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Global Warming: it’s Happening Again (08/7/2013)
Why is Obama Lying on Climate Change? (08/7/2013)
Green Energy’s Exorbitant Financial Cost to the Public: Cut or “Invest?” (07/20/2013)
Wind Power Lunacy (07/3/2013)
Prince Charles: Too “Green” to Be King? (05/27/2013)
A Bee in Their Bonnet (05/27/2013)
Philosophical aspects of climate change controversy (05/27/2013)
Fisker: a free ride to make flashy cars in Finland (05/12/2013)
A Climate Cycle Delivered Our Cold Spring (05/12/2013)
How Rich Rockefellers Battle the People’s Pipeline (04/19/2013)
Cut Fingers, Cancer, Bats and Birds (04/19/2013)
Hiding the Slaughter (03/19/2013)
Woodsy On The Rampage: The Ecology Of Radical Environmentalism (03/3/2013)
A $14 Trillion Extortion for a Global Warming Scam (02/3/2013)
Government of, by and for activists (01/13/2013)
The coming environmental battles (11/26/2012)
A lame duck, a gift horse, a cash cow and a sacrificial lamb (11/20/2012)
Hurricane Sandy’s Message to America (10/29/2012)
Politics Above All Else (10/22/2012)
‘Where are the 5 million green jobs Obama promised?’ (10/16/2012)
The Great Ethanol Scam (10/14/2012)
Killing Energy, Killing Jobs, Killing America (10/30/2011)
Global Warming: An Obituary (10/26/2011)
Professional Environmentalism and the American Economy: a battle of David and Goliath proportions (10/2/2011)
Alert! EPA Monster Sighted in Kansas (10/2/2011)
Corporate Cronyism: Solyndra and Evergreen Solar (09/28/2011)
Delaware’s very own Solyndra (09/28/2011)
Change Is In The Air (09/23/2011)
Victory is sweet, but the war continues (09/21/2011)
This Fervent Religion (09/17/2011)
Harbinger (08/29/2011)
“Cloud” Matters (08/28/2011)
Climate prostitutes, charlatans and comedians (08/24/2011)
EPA To Turn America’s Lights And A/C Off! (08/23/2011)
American resources – for American jobs, revenue and prosperity (08/7/2011)

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