Recent entries: Gay Agenda

A Sinful Decision Made in Lawrence, Kansas (10/8/2011)
Liberal Media Forces Homosexuality Agenda Down America’s Throat (08/28/2011)
Heathens at the Gate: Homosexual Advocacy Group Protests Christian College in Kansas (08/25/2011)
America’s Gay White House (02/27/2011)
Age-Old Tradition Thrown into Waste Can (02/27/2011)
LGBT and Rainbow Justice (02/18/2011)
‘Red Eye’ host gives social conservatives a black eye (01/9/2011)
‘The Repeal of DADT: To March or to Sashay into the Future?’ (01/2/2011)
The Headlines Are Wrong: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Has Not Been Repealed (12/21/2010)

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