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The Curse Of The LO/INFO Voter (03/3/2013)
“Occupy” Movement: Welcome To Liberal Utopia (11/18/2011)
Obama’s OWS Grows More Violent…Threatens Young Children (11/18/2011)
‘Can Liberals Devise A New “Grassroots” Phenomenon?’ (10/13/2011)
Obama’s ‘Punt’ of Jobs Plan: Wide, Left! (09/10/2011)
Lets Do The Time Warp (09/6/2011)
Liberals Redefine “Extremism” And The “Political Center” (08/25/2011)
Liberalism’s “New” Strategy: The Same Old Lies (08/21/2011)
Western Unrest and the Failure of Social Engineering (08/12/2011)
America A Greek Tragedy (06/19/2011)
America At Its Pinnacle (06/2/2011)
Superficiality (05/15/2011)
The Fannie Mae Mess (05/12/2011)
Playing With Fire (04/14/2011)
‘Are Unintended Consequences the Intention?’ (04/3/2011)
Pennsylvania Governor Places Communal Glory Over Individual Worth (03/28/2011)
The Itch That’s Destroying America (03/13/2011)
Government Shutdowns and Death Threats…Bring It On (03/11/2011)
Socialist Segue (03/10/2011)
Getting Closer (03/6/2011)
Hatred: The Hallmark of the Progressive-Left (02/19/2011)
State-Owned Churches Are Killing America (02/5/2011)
Effective Distraction (02/4/2011)
Civility? What Channel (01/28/2011)
Giffords Episode Unleashes Leftist Venom (01/13/2011)
Hope for change in the new Congress (01/5/2011)
Finally We All Agree (12/30/2010)
Season Of Progressives (12/26/2010)
‘Why All the Progressive “Humbug” at Christmas?’ (12/8/2010)
Variable Constants (12/7/2010)
Padding Your Order (11/20/2010)
The Upside of the Obama Travesty (11/13/2010)
‘As election day drew near, where was the president’s apology to the American people?’ (11/9/2010)
Why I Left California (11/8/2010)
Progressives Increase Their Power Over Obama (11/4/2010)

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