Recent entries: Globalists/NWO

A Republic, If You Can Keep It (07/20/2013)
There Is A Conspiracy (05/12/2013)
If We Blow It Up Again It Will Blow Up Again (04/19/2013)
Oil is There. Obama Doesn’t Care. (10/2/2011)
‘Can World Government be Obama’s End Goal?’ (09/24/2011)
More on Government Gunrunners (09/8/2011)
The Death Of Bin Laden; The Death Of America (05/12/2011)
Aggressive Power and Immoral Authority (03/23/2011)
Obama’s War in Libya is Illegal and Unconstitutional (03/21/2011)
Davos Elites Enjoy the Global Depression (02/2/2011)
A New World Order Guide (11/27/2010)

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