Recent entries: Trade Policy

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U.S. Congress Working Against American Workers (05/23/2011)
America’s Fate Under Chinese Hegemony:  a Review of Eamonn Fingleton’s ‘Jaws of the Dragon’ (04/30/2011)
Why “Fair” Trade Is Not The (Whole) Answer (03/20/2011)
‘Free Trade and the Tea Party: Puppets or Rebels?’ (03/13/2011)
Why a Flat Tariff on All U.S. Imports Would Work (02/27/2011)
The Obama Administration’s Clueless Trade Diplomacy (02/23/2011)
Currency Wars among Controlled Economies (10/25/2010)
Don’t Fear a Trade War With China (10/10/2010)
‘Is a Flat Tariff the Answer to America’s Trade Mess?’ (09/26/2010)
America Was Founded As a Protectionist Nation (09/12/2010)

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