Recent entries: Islam/Jihad

Middle East Insanity (07/20/2013)
Losing the Battle with Islam (02/10/2013)
Muammar, Dead at Last (10/23/2011)
Never In Danger (10/2/2011)
The Pakistani Pit of Deception (05/10/2011)
Tweets Regarding Bin Ladin’s Demise (05/6/2011)
Jihad is Forever (05/2/2011)
Republican Ties to Al-Jazeera Ignite Firestorm (04/21/2011)
Book Smart (04/6/2011)
Impregnating America with Islam, Sharia law and confrontation (04/5/2011)
Freed From Tyranny (04/1/2011)
Mr. Uka’s Lesson: Know Your Enemy or Die (03/9/2011)
Muslims stage protest in Times Square against terrorism hearings (03/8/2011)
Effectively Fortifying America In Dangerous Times (02/11/2011)
Terrorism: How Much Trouble Are We In?...Quite a Bit (02/11/2011)
Obama linked to Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (02/6/2011)
Islam and the Prospect of World War Three (02/6/2011)
Why Islam is Different and Dangerous (02/3/2011)
Hating Infidels (01/24/2011)
Very Serious Concerns (12/12/2010)
The Jihad Against America is Increasing (12/12/2010)
Whoopi Goldberg’s Ignorance (12/1/2010)
Oklahoma: When Sharia comes sweeping down the plains (11/14/2010)
Faisal Shahzad Warns America (10/8/2010)
Hope fading that Radical/Islamic factions keep Separate (09/13/2010)
They Destroyed My Towers! (09/10/2010)
September 11, 2001: Nine Years On (09/10/2010)
A Reasoned Perspective On The Mosque (09/10/2010)

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