Recent entries: Race Card

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If Sharpton’s 100 Cities Goes Violent - Will He be Held Accountable? (07/20/2013)
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Sorry, Your “Race Card” is Expired, Over-Limit, and Declined! (09/3/2011)
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Lloyd Marcus Responds to Black Tea Party Critic (08/7/2011)
Do The White Thing (05/29/2011)
NAACP Creates Box O’ George Washington (01/22/2011)
Black Tea Partier Encourages Whites to Call Out Black Race Exploiters (01/15/2011)
Eric Holder Uses DOJ to Elect Democrats! (01/3/2011)
Further Controversy (12/4/2010)
NAACP Report The Tea Parties Are Racist: A Desperate Hail Mary Pass (10/21/2010)
Obama’s Un-Presidential Despicable Race Baiting (10/13/2010)
‘What To Do About The Congressional Black Caucus?’ (09/21/2010)
Race does NOT need to be Discussed (08/29/2010)
Shrill Waters Run Shallow (08/14/2010)
Ramblings About Race (08/14/2010)
‘Harry Reid, Friend of Hispanics? Including Scam Artists and Freeloaders?’ (08/13/2010)
Tea Parties Give Liberal Media Too Much Power (07/26/2010)
Hello, I’m a Racist, Pleased to Meet You (07/25/2010)
‘RaceGate?’ (07/25/2010)
Lessons Learned from the Shirley Sherrod Debacle (07/23/2010)
Is Racial Discrimination Against White Farmers a “Hate Crime?” (07/20/2010)
Obama’s Race War is Right on Schedule (07/16/2010)

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