Recent entries: Political Correctness

Demonizing Masculinity (08/7/2013)
Women vs. Men: Who Governs Better? (07/20/2013)
Trayvon, Rachel and White Privilege (07/3/2013)
The Lynching of Paula Deen (07/3/2013)
The Only Good ‘Redskin’ Is a Deleted ‘Redskin’ (03/3/2013)
Another Victory for the Anti-Christian Grinches (12/3/2012)
Lieberman blasts Obama’s politically correct war on terrorists (09/4/2011)
You Can’t Say That! (04/18/2011)
Divided And Twisted Democrat Loyalties Endanger America (04/3/2011)
Yes, Violence Can be the Answer (03/24/2011)
Journalist in France Convicted for Anti-Muslim Hate Speech (02/23/2011)
Getting There (02/9/2011)
The Brit PM’s Limp-wristed Attack on Multiculturalism (02/9/2011)
Muslim Complaint Ends Pledge in Idaho School! (12/28/2010)
Ending the TSA Madness: Listen Up, Folks, Here’s How You Win the Profiling Debate (12/13/2010)
Taking a Stand Against Political Correctness (12/12/2010)
You Can Touch My Junk, but Nothing Else (11/27/2010)
The Alinsky Sharia Connection (11/26/2010)
‘Profile Muslims or Pat Down the Masses?’ (11/19/2010)
Senator DeMint: End Taxpayer-Funded Trashing of Free Speech! (10/24/2010)
NPR Fires Juan Williams for Telling the Truth (10/22/2010)
Death before truth: Political correctness in America (10/10/2010)
Is the Term “Indian Summer” Racist? (09/28/2010)
Republicans Raise Money for Gay Agenda (09/21/2010)
Ground Zero mosque not about religious freedom (09/2/2010)
Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Speech Good Medicine for All Americans (08/31/2010)
Lack of Intellectualism is Losing the Marriage Debate (08/13/2010)
Sisters of Political Futbol (08/13/2010)
OUTRAGE!  Ground Zero Mosque To Open on 9/11 Anniversary! (08/10/2010)
The Consequences of Park51: The Cordoba House (08/6/2010)
Flipping “The Bird” in America’s Face! (08/6/2010)
Saying No! to a Ground Zero Mosque (08/4/2010)
Lack of Balance By Liberals For Arizona’s New Law (08/4/2010)
Mega Mosques and the Territorial Mark (07/30/2010)
I Discriminate (07/15/2010)

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