Recent entries: ClimateGate

UN Trapped in Climate Turmoil (11/20/2011)
It’s libel – except when Mike does it (10/28/2011)
‘Will Warmists Face Justice for their Deceptions?’ (10/9/2011)
Trying to snooker Smucker (09/17/2011)
The Slow, Certain Death of the Global Warming Theory (09/11/2011)
Weather Or Not (09/8/2011)
A Weather Newsgasm (08/28/2011)
Global Warming, R.I.P. (03/13/2011)
‘Who could Oppose “Clean Energy”?’ (01/31/2011)
Far Reaching Results (01/16/2011)
The Great ‘Climate Change’ 2011 Taxpayer Rip-Off (01/16/2011)
Driving US families into fuel poverty (01/5/2011)
Humans! Get Over Yourself! (01/2/2011)
‘A Step-Change in Earth’s Climate Outlooks?’ (01/2/2011)
EPA’s Texas power grab (01/1/2011)
The Cancun climate con (12/28/2010)
Hype versus reality on Indian climate change (12/21/2010)
‘Do you believe in magic … climate numbers?’ (12/11/2010)
False prophecies beget faulty policies (12/3/2010)
Blacklisted Scientist Challenges Global Warming Orthodoxy (08/15/2010)

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