Recent entries: Satire

Science Proves Leftists Are Wimpy (07/20/2013)
Understanding Liberal Thinking (07/3/2013)
Obama to Take Action on Snowfall (02/10/2013)
The Most Boring Celebrities of 2011 (12/4/2011)
When It Comes to Michael Moore, Less Is More Better! (10/31/2011)
Obama Eschews Nobel Peace Prize, Invades Yet Another Foreign Nation! (10/15/2011)
An Unemployment Sympathy Card for Barack! (10/2/2011)
‘Does Global Warming Cause Mental Illness? Or Does Mental Illness Cause Global Warming Hysteria?’ (09/3/2011)
Newsflash: Obama’s Hurrican Irene Plan (08/28/2011)
News Briefs Pulled Up: Amber Alert Hoax-Obama’s Birthday-Saving Babies-Rev.Johnny Jones-and More.. (08/5/2011)
An Open Letter To Mexican President Felipe Calderon: Undocumented Boomers Headed to Mexico! (06/12/2011)
MilesTones Briefs Pulled Up: Weiner Poll Results (06/12/2011)
MilesTones Shorts: This Weiner Should Be Grilled (06/7/2011)
Leading from Behind—Except When It Comes to Victory Laps! (05/12/2011)
‘Was W. Eligible to Serve as President?’ (04/30/2011)
MilesTones: Jobs Creation Rises Dramatically! (04/27/2011)
Barack Obama’s Historic Plan to Reduce the Deficit (04/17/2011)
MilesTones: LEAKED! Advance News Headlines Ignite Alarm! (02/9/2011)
Big Sis Hijacks Virtual Border Fence (01/17/2011)
Sell Naming Rights To Tackle Overwhelming National Debt (01/16/2011)
Guns Don’t Kill People, Rhetoric Kills People (01/16/2011)
Thinking Like a Liberal: Tucson Was Conspiracy to Block Repeal of ObamaCare! (01/13/2011)
Unto Ye Is Born a Community Organizer, Come to Save the World! (12/27/2010)
‘Can Pall Mall Cigarettes Salvage Obama Presidency?’ (12/11/2010)
Tweets Regarding Junk Touching (12/5/2010)
Holiday Travel Fun With The TSA (11/26/2010)
America’s Tiririca (11/14/2010)
‘What If Chilean Mine Disaster Had Taken Place in West Virginia?’ (10/15/2010)
Why the GPS Is Magellan and Not Columbus (10/10/2010)
‘Where Is Osama bin Laden?’ (10/3/2010)
Muslims, Mosquitoes, and Mosque Mania (08/24/2010)
‘Ready For “Mecca” Time?’ (08/18/2010)
You Are a Left-Wing Extremist If… (07/16/2010)
Scourge of “Racial Profiling” Victimizes Innocent White Dude! (07/15/2010)
How Long Before Obama Takes Credit for Fixing Oil Leak? (07/14/2010)

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